7 Really Good Reasons to Get Out of Bed Each Day

Sometimes I’m feeling a little philosophical or even insightful. As I drove home from work a few days ago, I started to think about life and its challenges. I also think I watch too much reality TV. Even so, I contemplated my own life and the lives of those who have it much tougher than […]

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An Interview with Oneupweb CEO, Lisa Wehr

What makes Oneupweb a better choice as a digital marketing agency? Truth is, we’re not always the right fit for a business. Today there are tons of choices when it comes to selecting an agency for building brands and promoting products and services. Heck, anyone with a pair of boxers and a basement can open […]

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If I Were 22 Again

Wow. What a tough age. I wouldn’t want to be 22 again, but if I were I’d pass a few tips along to myself. Here we go—short and sweet.  What you truly know would fit in a thimble. No matter how book smart you are, you’re a dumb-ass. You have lots of learning to do […]

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What is Oneupweb

Often I’m asked, “What does Oneupweb do?” Seems like that should be an easy answer—and on the surface it is. The so called elevator pitch goes something like this: Oneupweb is a full service digital marketing agency providing everything from strategic planning, website development, online advertising and content marketing. Sounds special, right? Not really. To […]

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3 Tips for Getting Your Groove Back—What to Do When You’re ‘Off’ Your Sales Game

Here’s the situation: You have an important prospect pitch scheduled, but you wake up just feeling “off”. Your mind starts racing and you’re feeling stressed. This is a big deal. You’ve nurtured this prospect, poured yourself into the presentation, spent hours thinking about the strategy, weeks of research and communication (internally and externally), all colliding […]

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Three Steps to Forming Meaningful Business Relationships

Do I have peanuts in my teeth? No really, tell me the truth. It’s a strange request. But how many times have you asked a question hoping for a straight answer only to be the recipient of a passive response? Everyday there’s a new article about using social media to form business relationships and how […]

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If You Ever Need A Wake-up Call – Try Failing

What is it about hitting 50? I still feel like I can take on the world. I look forward to going to battle—I mean work—each day. I dig the smart people I work with (most of the time), and I love the marketing voo-doo we do. But I can’t help becoming reminiscent—thinking back on the […]

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Focus On the Thing You Do Best

Here is the abridged version of how Oneupweb came to be, but more than that—it’s the story of my friend Jeff and how his advice and guidance helped save my business. Mentor Advice: Focus On the Thing You Do Best — by Lisa Wehr A couple of days ago, several of my “Oneupwebbers” and I […]

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Oneupweb Reviews: The Oneupweb Wall Street Journal Documentary

When the film crew was here in Traverse City last fall interviewing and filming the locations it was a fun time. It is great to see in the final documentary how that good time translated over into the film. We are happy to see our #Relentless energy and passion for the digital marketing world premiering on Wall Street Journal.

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Oneupweb : Making Digital Sense

As agencies learn the best way to deliver campaigns and the number of ways to efficiently handle the varied demands of their clients, it will be important that the right agency is selected in the process.

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