Oneupweb Webinar: Optimizing Site Navigation for Conversion

Site navigation is more than just a directional guide. Designed properly, it’s a critical marketing tool. Optimized site navigation reinforces personal value, communicating relevance, establishing brand authority and personalizing user experience. Navigation design based on market research and customer data means stronger site performance, improved lead qualification, increased conversion rates and more. On Friday, March…

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3 Ways To Get the Most out of Market Research

Market research is the overarching practice of gathering information about markets or customers with the intent of gaining insight to support strategy and decision making. All of our engagements start with market research. You cannot have sound strategy unless you truly know what drives your customers. With prospective as well as existing clients, we regularly…

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Aesthetics and User-experience : Website Design and Development – Oneupweb Marketing

Ask someone to draw you a house and you’ll probably receive a rudimentary rectangle with a rectangle door, square windows and a triangle roof. Ask Frank Gehry to draw you a house, and you’ll probably receive something that belongs in a Salvador Dali painting. What makes Frank Gehry different from an ordinary architect? Any architect…

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Two people sitting at a table wrapping presents and checking social media.

CSE Optimization: 5 Steps for Success with Comparison Shoppers

Tips on how to attain success on the major Comparison Shopping Engines….

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