Guided Discovery: The Importance of Curation in Ecommerce

With online sales representing “the lone piece of good news” for Best Buy during the holiday season and today’s announcement that JC Penney will cut 2,000 jobs and close 33 stores, doubt concerning the viability of “big box” retail is increasing. Yet no matter the future of Best Buy and JC Penney (or even traditional […]

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What a Centuries-Old Boarding School Can Teach You about Education Marketing

Founded by Henry VI, Eton College—England’s 574-year-old boarding school where George Orwell and Princes William and Henry once attended—is embracing technology. How do your efforts stack up? At Eton College, uniformed boys between 13 and 18 years of age walk the school grounds much the same way as others have for almost 600 years. At […]

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Direct Mail & Digital Marketing: Do You Have a Balanced Strategy?

The Titanic was supposedly unsinkable and so, for a time, were American catalog companies — brands as enshrined in the mythology of American business as capitalism itself. Montgomery Ward, Sears, JC Penney: pioneering companies such as these were instrumental in shaping modern consumers’ expectations for selection, convenience and service. And today, while the golden age […]

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Social Media Engagement and Always-On Screen Time

New research from Business Insider’s BI Intelligence reveals social media is now the top Internet activity, edging out even the time spent on email. Are you doing all you can to fully engage your audience in the social space? Thirty-seven minutes—that’s the average amount of time individuals spend daily on social media activity (not counting […]

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Badness for Badness Sake: Intentionally Bad Advertising

We’re all about being good for goodness sake, but sometimes it’s fun to be intentionally bad. There’s bad and then there’s intentionally bad. Bad backfires—badly. Intentionally bad inspires (or at least makes us chuckle). Usually, there’s an endearing quality whenever something is intentionally bad, and often a level of genuineness or authenticity latent within intentionally bad […]

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3 Myths About Big Data

It’s been called one of the “most confusing technology buzzwords of the decade.” And with so many of the Fortune 500 front and center in the “big data” game, it’s no wonder the concept is often misunderstood by smaller to mid-size businesses. Here are 3 myths for smaller to mid-size companies to keep in mind […]

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3 Powerful Ways Infographics Help Your Brand

The Internet can’t get enough of infographics. We love facts, figures and statistics. And when you toss that information with a hefty dose of visual awesome sauce—Pow! Seriously addictive content. From January 2009–2013, the interest in infographics grew 800%. And is still trending upward. Oh wait. Let’s try that data again, presented as a simple/rudimentary […]

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Extreme Makeover : Digital Marketing Edition

“The architect should strive continually to simplify; the ensemble of the rooms should then be carefully considered that comfort and utility may go hand in hand with beauty.” – Frank Lloyd Wright Apply the same idea behind Wright’s quote to digital marketing. Marketing is like building a beautiful structure, then filling that frame with purpose—utility […]

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