8 Tips To Be Successful At Any Job, At Any Company—Or Life In General

These 8 tips are a crash course in how to be successful, and take ownership of your career, no matter what company or industry you choose. In classic ad-agency style, Oneupweb is constantly hiring and training. A big piece of integrating new team members is helping them navigate the company culture and teaching them how […]

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Three Steps to Forming Meaningful Business Relationships

Do I have peanuts in my teeth? No really, tell me the truth. It’s a strange request. But how many times have you asked a question hoping for a straight answer only to be the recipient of a passive response? Everyday there’s a new article about using social media to form business relationships and how […]

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Yes. Design Is Good for Business.

“Design is now firmly on the business agenda. No longer the cherry on the cake for high-end goods and luxury brands, over the past decade it has gained relevance for the way organizations are structured, how they operate and how they think.” –Pietro Micheli The fallacies of yesteryear, where design is nothing but expensive decoration, […]

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CEO’s and Executive Leadership – Do You Spend Time on the Front Lines?

Prospecting and client relationships are nurtured through more than social media. It takes staying in tune with their challenges. When I started my web design business in 1995, the commercial internet was in its infancy. Today, most people who didn’t experience it for themselves probably wouldn’t enjoy operating in its environment today, and they most […]

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Higher Education Marketing: Your Part-Timers

Today, 18-22 year-old, full-time students living on campus equal only 16% of higher education enrollments. Non-traditional, part-time students are the new majority stakeholder in the higher education industry. Are you doing all you can to attract and retain this demographic? Part-time students are a student-body demographic whose members tend to be older, more financially affluent […]

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Harnessing the Power of the Sharing Economy

The sharing economy, a burgeoning economic system and business model that encourages the sharing of resources, ideas and assets, is being driven by social media and a new wave of tech startups already worth billions. What are you doing to harness its power? An organization dedicated to helping companies both large and small harness the […]

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Let 2014: Year of the Horse Inspire Your Marketing

Happy New Year! Enter 2014,  the Year of the Horse in the Chinese zodiac. Supposedly, people born in the year of the horse tend to be clever and cheerful—a little stubborn at times, but are still very popular people who often crave the limelight. Ella Fitzgerald was born in a horse year. So were some […]

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Social Reservations (The Good Kind)

Twitter is helping two brands convert followers into sales–how else can social channels reach target consumers? A constant topic around social media is how to convert a social follower or user into a sale. Well, over the past month, two brands: Starbucks and Loews Hotels & Resorts have started to do just that. By leveraging […]

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Modern-Day Marketing Is Storytelling–Be Authentic, Be Honest

What can “hygge” and “guanxi” teach marketers about storytelling? For starters: be honest; be authentic. Foreign words that don’t adequately translate to English have always fascinated me. The Danes, for example, have their hygge, which is closely related to comfort, but more accurately describes that very specific warmness/safeness/placidity you feel when you’re around a fire […]

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The Marketing Revolution Belongs to the Customer

In honor of today’s Twitter IPO, Advertising Age has a great article recalling the very first tweets by Warner Bros., McDonald’s, Calvin Klein and 30-some other major brands. In retrospect, many of these original tweets are both amusing and cringe-worthy. I particularly love this one from Xbox, which, at a loss for what to say, […]

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Improving Your School’s Retention

As many as one in three college freshman won’t return for their sophomore year, according to a recent study by U.S. News & World Report. This may be indicative of a lack of connection between the student and your university, so apply relationship marketing tactics to your retention strategy. Let’s take a quick look at […]

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