The Importance of “Face Time” – Making Time to Meet in Person

It’s amazing how much we get accomplished on a daily basis communicating by e-mail, phone and other channels (texts, blogs, chat, and social media). In fact, I send and receive about 50 to 75 e-mails a day. In today’s fast-paced marketing and communications landscape these forms of communication are essential to stay connected with each […]

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3 Tips for Getting Your Groove Back—What to Do When You’re ‘Off’ Your Sales Game

Here’s the situation: You have an important prospect pitch scheduled, but you wake up just feeling “off”. Your mind starts racing and you’re feeling stressed. This is a big deal. You’ve nurtured this prospect, poured yourself into the presentation, spent hours thinking about the strategy, weeks of research and communication (internally and externally), all colliding […]

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