Friday Content Roundup: Denim Day in Jerky Town (and other happenings)

Welcome to the Friday Content Roundup, where we’re bringing together some of the fun/cool/interesting/weird stuff we found on the Internet this week. It is Friday. Despite all efforts of the Universe attempting to thwart me, I managed to make through another week. And so did you, obviously (considering you’re reading this, but hopefully not in […]

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The Oneupweb Mobile Response Team Tackles Yahoo Gemini

You are less than a week away from Mobilegeddon (or Mopacalypse, or whatever other end-of-days moniker you’d like to attach to April 21, the day Google begins using a website’s mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal for mobile searches). Hopefully, your site is in order and accessible across devices. We’re going to assume so and take […]

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