Oneupweb : The Sky is Falling—Tracking The UARS

I searched on “Tracking Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS)” in Google and saw 64,100 results (9/22-1:45pmEST), but an astounding 1.15 million in Bing. Huh? What the heck is going on here? Surely there aren’t over a million sites that allow me to track UARS.

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Oneupweb : Nasa, The White House, Peta and the U.S. Army—Digital Geniuses

In the past, a company’s website and digital marketing efforts have been the focus. However, recently much of this focus has been moving to social media. These two areas of digital health are a great place to start, but as the study confirms, social media is becoming vital to an organization’s online digital health.

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StraightUpSocial News Links for 11/16/2009

Today’s Headlines: President Obama Admits That He’s Never Used Twitter, Atlantis Space Shuttle Launch Will Be Twittered Live, and Running A Contest On Facebook? That’ll Cost You

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