Nonprofit Marketing ROI

Nonprofit Marketing: Calculating and Proving ROI

  Nonprofits, like many organizations, can struggle with getting a marketing budget that allows them to do everything their marketing team wants to do – or sometimes needs to do – to bring in the most qualified leads. So if you are working with a small budget and have big goals, how do you ensure […]

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millennials at a clean water march

Millennial Marketing: Tips for Nonprofits

Millennials are now the largest living generation in the U.S., and nonprofits are looking for better ways to attract their support and loyalty as donors. Although the stereotypical qualities that you often hear associated with millennials may make nonprofits nervous, it is best to remember that there are a lot of great qualities found in […]

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Three Pillars of Nonprofit Digital Marketing Success

When it comes to digital marketing, nonprofits must dedicate time and resources to ensure their approach furthers the organization’s mission. The following three pillars of nonprofit digital marketing success will help. 1. Clear Brand Messaging According to Al and Laura Ries‘ “Law of Contraction,” a brand becomes stronger when you narrow its focus. Powerful branding […]

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Are You Marketing Like a Nonprofit? (You Should Be)

Before working in digital marketing at Oneupweb, I worked in marketing and public relations for two nonprofits in Grand Rapids, Michigan — one an economic development organization and the other a small liberal arts college. Both were great experiences, and in many ways continue to inform the work I do on behalf of clients today. […]

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