Avoid the Creep Factor: Retargeting Ads

It would be amazing if every single customer who came across your website followed a straight path to purchase. Someone visits your site for the first time, fills out a form-fill to download an ebook, then clicks the “Yes, I would like to talk to a member of the sales team” button. Minutes later, the […]

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3 Myths for Brands Shifting Toward Digital Marketing

For a long time, digital marketing was seen as a purely complementary service, often playing second fiddle to traditional marketing and advertising. Among top brands, a digitally focused agency-of-record was nearly unheard of. And, through the early 2000s, it made sense. It doesn’t now. Today, with people consuming more digital content than traditional, digital marketing […]

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Potential New Google+ Ads Require More Transparency

More than 2 years after launch, Google+ continues to struggle as a social network. For users, the problem is relevance. “I don’t know anyone using Google+, so why should I?” is the common refrain. For marketers, the problem is bigger. We know people are using it, but we don’t know exactly how many and how […]

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