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Call Extensions Update

Google Launching Automated Call Extensions to Mobile Ads On February 6th, Google began using automated call extensions in mobile ads. This new feature will automatically pull phone numbers featured on landing pages, not numbers manually entered through the AdWords interface. Per Google, mobile search will help to drive more calls to business and it is […]

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The Power of Affinity Audiences

Affinity audiences are a great way to scale your campaigns to reach consumers that are interested in your products or services. What Is an Affinity Audience? An Affinity audience considers a user’s search history, social activity and content consumption patterns. These distribution options may utilize similar data points, but the way they categorize individual users […]

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We All Dream in Gold: The Best of The Oscars

As we all know the Oscars were last night. I love award shows, it is inspiring seeing people congratulate and honor their peers and something I think shouldn’t just be dedicated to award shows or ceremonies. But nonetheless it’s something I love to see. The annual Academy Awards is both a celebration of the motion picture […]

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