Paid Media Campaigns: 4 Reasons to Be Territorial

When it comes to paid media do you find your self asking “Should I spend money on my own brand terms?” We’ve always been an advocate for bidding on brand terms, and there are a number of reasons for it. If it isn’t a tactic that you’re testing, we highly recommend adding it to your […]

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6 Ways to Create Landing Pages that Convert

Ideally, a landing page is a standalone web page designed to get visitors to take one specific action. For example: submit data and download a resource or freebie click through to another page register for a webinar subscribe to a newsletter/blog/email list make a purchase Landing pages are meant to avoid higher bounce rates by […]

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Yelp & Niche Apps Gain Ground in Exploding Mobile Search Market

It’s easy to spend more time deciding on a restaurant than actually eating out. Because if you’re anything like me, the process involves Shaking my UrbanSpoon app, investigating reviews on my Yelp app, comparing those to Google Reviews, scanning deals on my Groupon app and then hitting the Chowhound discussion boards for Plan B and […]

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7 Ways to Fail Better – Your Guide to Jump Starting A/B Testing for PPC Ads

So you’ve started a Google AdWords campaign.  You have a campaign configuration that makes sense. You’ve selected keywords that are relevant to your business, and you’ve narrowed down your geographic targeting and day-parting. Now you want to get the most out of your ads. A/B Testing is a great way to optimize your click-through-rate, learn […]

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CRM Retargeting: 3 Ways to Increase Customer Frequency

Combining CRM data with sophisticated ‘matching’ technology, CRM retargeting allows digital marketers to serve targeted, relevant display ads to defined customer and/or prospect segments. On a recent Oneupweb webinar, I spoke with one of our paid media specialists about the opportunities for B2C and B2B brands to leverage CRM retargeting for increasing customer frequency. Here […]

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Google’s Keyword Tool Yields to Google’s Keyword Planner

In the wake of Google’s Enhanced Campaigns roll-out, Google has announced a new tool: Keyword Planner, which replaces Keyword Tool. Google’s Keyword Tool was a huge help for paid media marketing managers across the board. It provided access to match type data for search volume, device targeting, and filtering closely related search terms. While some […]

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Google’s Pending Sitelink Update Offers New Functionality, Great Opportunity

On September 23rd, Google will automatically update all sitelinks to a new, upgraded format, which includes a lower, 25-character limit and specific landing page for each sitelink. This offers tremendous opportunity with the upcoming holiday shopping season. This gives e-commerce companies a great way to showcase Black Friday specials or to inform customers about the […]

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Google PLAs Threaten Amazon

Google continues to expand its reach beyond traditional PPC with nearly 10,000 U.S. advertisers now using Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) in their paid media marketing. Can Amazon keep market share? PLAs include product photos with prices and links to the seller’s site on the upper portion of Google’s SERP. With new sellers launching PLAs […]

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The Inside Scope on Banner Ads

Banner ads have fallen on rough times.  According to BusinessInsider, banner ads started to die in 2012. A recent article from Digiday presents some abysmal stats for this 18-year-old advertising medium: trillions of these ads are served to US users yearly, yet the average click-through rates are less than 1% — in fact, the CTR […]

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