Instagram Video vs. Vine: 5 Things Brands Should Consider

It seems incredible that Vine is barely a year old, and that Video on Instagram didn’t debut until June 2013. Particularly for brands looking to engage the Millennial market, short-format video marketing makes a compelling case. Short-format video appeals, in particular, to Millennials’ appetite for multimedia content and what Nielsen calls their preference for “off-beat,…

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3 Myths of Facebook Advertising

In the months before its disastrous IPO, Facebook faced a lot of tough questions about the viability of its advertising business: Is the social network valuable for ecommerce? Could Facebook truly leverage its database in the face of growing consumer privacy concerns? Could it convince marketers of its continued relevance in an increasingly mobile world?…

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Direct Mail & Digital Marketing: Do You Have a Balanced Strategy?

The Titanic was supposedly unsinkable and so, for a time, were American catalog companies — brands as enshrined in the mythology of American business as capitalism itself. Montgomery Ward, Sears, JC Penney: pioneering companies such as these were instrumental in shaping modern consumers’ expectations for selection, convenience and service. And today, while the golden age…

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CRM Retargeting in Higher Education Marketing

In higher education marketing, successful enrollment campaigns follow the most basic rule of relationship marketing: there’s no substitute for personal contact. Beyond “The Big Three” (Cost, Financial Aid, and Academic Reputation), Noel-Levitz’s comprehensive 2012 study reveals “Personalized Attention Prior to Enrollment” as the leading factor to enrollment among four-year private first-year students. Despite this, the…

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Potential New Google+ Ads Require More Transparency

More than 2 years after launch, Google+ continues to struggle as a social network. For users, the problem is relevance. “I don’t know anyone using Google+, so why should I?” is the common refrain. For marketers, the problem is bigger. We know people are using it, but we don’t know exactly how many and how…

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B2B Holiday Remarketing :: Paid Media

Is remarketing advantageous to B2B companies? We say, yes! Remarketing—showing relevant ads across the web to people who have previously visited your site, is nothing new to B2C advertisers (and if it is we need to talk!). But you might be surprised to learn that remarketing during the flurry of online holiday buying is a…

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Google Moves PLAs to the top of the SERP

Did you notice any changes in the Google search engine results pages (SERP) today? They involve where Product Listing Ads (PLAs) appear on the SERP and also an “Ads” identifier. Google has been busy updating its SERP, with an emphasis on PLA placement and a way to better identify paid content from a natural listing….

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PPC of Pizza Pie

Paid Search is an effective marketing tool for franchisors….

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Change, Sweet Change

Franchisors should be taking advantage of the opportunities for success that are currently available through both natural search and social media campaigns. A new paper from Oneupweb explains how, and why….

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Paid Search

4 Fundamental Paid Search Marketing Tips

Every marketer is looking for ways to minimize cost and maximize return. With a paid search marketing campaign, companies are able to minimize cost and maximize their ROI by targeting potential customers on the web. Here are four fundamental tips for getting started with a paid search campaign….

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CSE Optimization: 5 Steps for Success with Comparison Shoppers

Tips on how to attain success on the major Comparison Shopping Engines….

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