Trust Me – I Cuss

It’s true, I do. Thinking back, I can’t necessarily associate this form of expression to over exposure from my parents. Sure, the occasional “dammit!” or “shit!” rang through the household once in a great while but really, I think it may have come from my past experiences. At least that’s what I’m going with. My […]

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Oneupweb : Easy Recipe for Keyword Soup

Microsoft Advertising Intelligence (Previously Microsoft adCenter Add-inBeta) is a remarkable tool that can be of assistance in researching and optimizing keywords for any paid search marketing campaign.

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Oneupweb : Tis the Season, to Prepare

With the onset of fall it’s time to start thinking about the potential benefits and profits that can result from holiday pay per click marketing (PPC).

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Oneupweb : Try Not To Get Lost Out There

There are a variety of exciting, new marketing methods available to businesses today, but not everyone is utilizing these channels to reach their existing and potential audiences.

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SEO Haiku with a Touch of PPC

In a previous post, I had the pleasure of presenting you with SEO themed haiku. Since I had so much fun writing that post, I knew exactly what to write when I found out it was once again my turn…

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Yahoo! Sponsored Search Mirroring Google AdWords?

Yahoo!’s Sponsored Search platform is getting a makeover, a makeover that should allow paid search advertisers to utilize features currently offered in Google AdWords. The makeover isn’t scheduled to launch until this fall, but it already seems to be slowing…

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1 in 2? I Need Better Odds Than That!

According to a recent Nilesen/Netratings Inc. analysis, Google’s market share is now 50%. That’s huge! One out of every two searches is a Google search. If you’re in the paid search marketing game, my advice might be to keep your…

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Microsoft adCenter – Foxes Need Not Apply

I’ve been excited about the opportunities that exist with the much anticipated release of Microsoft adCenter and recently got a chance to take the reins for the first time. My initial idea behind this post was to share my adCenter…

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