Google’s “Micro-Moments” Are All Local

The dominance of the smartphone and the increased connectedness of today’s users have given rise to a pretty dramatic shift in the way people shop, work, play, and live. For companies, this means a necessary evolution in the way they devise marketing strategies, particularly in the digital space. How does this shift play out? How […]

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What’s happened with Google Ads?

SERP Evolution: AdWords Gets Rid of Sidebar Ads & Makes Room for 4 at the Top The SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is constantly evolving, so it’s no big surprise to see the latest update to the AdWords PPC format.  It appears that Google has changed the layout of the their Pay-Per-Click ads, getting rid […]

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Avoid the Creep Factor: Retargeting Ads

It would be amazing if every single customer who came across your website followed a straight path to purchase. Someone visits your site for the first time, fills out a form-fill to download an ebook, then clicks the “Yes, I would like to talk to a member of the sales team” button. Minutes later, the […]

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The Golden Question: Should I Handle Digital Marketing In-House or Hire an Agency?

Your company has reached a critical juncture, you’re either: 1)  Growing beyond your ability to keep up 2)  Stagnating 3)  Or gasp… shrinking … In other words…you need help. Your sales team needs more leads in the pipeline and they need to either close that business fast, or access an automated system for long-term cultivation. It’s time […]

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Programmatic Buying – Huh?

Recently, digital media planners and buyers – those who determine the best mix of channels for an advertising or marketing campaign, and those who purchase the inventory – are moving to add programmatic buying to their online advertising tool belt. One of the latest buzzwords to hit the ad tech landscape – programmatic – is generating […]

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Our Creds – We’re Certified and We Know It

Our internal marketing team, Chris, Nicole and Alaina, is officially HubSpot certified! We don’t always toot our own horns over here, but when we do it sounds like this —TOOT! If you’re not familiar with HubSpot, it’s the marketing industry’s most popular inbound marketing software platform, helping companies attract visitors, convert leads and close business. […]

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Shawn Finn

If You Like Awesome, You’ll Like Shawn Finn

Name: Shawn Finn Position: Director of Paid Strategy What’s your average day like at Oneupweb? Full of awesomeness! Every day is a little different than the previous, which I truly enjoy. Tell us about a favorite client moment. I don’t have one particular story that stands out among the rest. I strive to exceed client […]

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Navigating the Paid Search Universe with Yahoo Gemini

Most of us know that Bing and Yahoo joined forces a few years back to battle Google in a fight for search engine dominance. Most of the time the partnership is pretty seamless and advertisers benefit by being able to run ads in both search engines from one account and combined monthly invoicing on one […]

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Oneupweb : There’s Mischief Brewin’…

I’ve begun the search for a creative costume…During this quest, like most of my online experiences, I’ve clicked and clicked and bounced around from site to site doing various things…

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Oneupweb : PPC Science—The Art of Campaign Timing

One under-utilized tactic is click-spend timing. Timing your PPC budget relative to demand will allow for greater spend efficiency which will create more consistent ROI while maximizing volume.

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