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Current Customer Profile vs. Ideal Customer Profile

Behind every good marketing strategy is a good buyer persona – or there should be. If you’ve worked with a marketing agency before, no doubt you have been told the importance of the buyer persona; if you haven’t then listen up now – buyer personas are important!  Maybe right now you’re rolling your eyes as […]

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Going Mobile? Throw Away Those Personas

“Intent beats identity. Immediacy trumps loyalty.” This is Debbie.               She’s in her mid 60s,  a mother of two (boy and girl), with four grandchildren. She’s an aging business executive with ABC Corp. She’s worried about things like pollution and the current state of our education system, but she […]

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Now It’s Personal: 4 Tips for Personas in Higher Education Marketing

Non-traditional students mean the end of traditional higher education marketing campaigns. But personas are more important than ever. For digital marketers, few categories are as challenging and rewarding as higher education, particularly when it comes to driving enrollment. From messaging and creative to channel selection, reaching and connecting with qualified prospective students is difficult — […]

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Getting Your House In Order: A Primer for Inbound Marketing

The days of interruption marketing are nearly over—inbound marketing is quickly replacing the outmoded outbound marketing days of yore. For years now, new technologies have been developed solely for weeding out your outbound marketing efforts (caller id, robust spam filters, and streaming subscription services to name a few). As quickly as new modes of advertising […]

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Not Relying on Customer Personas

For those of you who aren’t knee deep in marketing jargon, when I use the term “Persona”, you might think I’m referring to an actor taking on an alter ego to deliver a performance (ala Chris Farley and his performance as Matt Foley, an over the top motivational speaker).  I’m not—and, as other marketing veterans […]

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