Sitemaps 101: An Introduction to Sitemapping Your Website

No question. You need a sitemap. Seriously. If your website has more than a handful of pages, you should have one. Wait—let me rephrase, you NEED ONE. Oh, and don’t get this graphical sitemap confused with the xml sitemap, which is a file of xml code you keep on your website in order to keep […]

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Timing Your Launch: A Lesson from Kickstarter

Timing is one of marketing’s trickiest details. Think about a time when you and your team thought you had planned the perfect marketing tactic or campaign. But then things didn’t go quite as expected. What happened? Any number of things can sink even our best-laid plans—but maybe it was just bad timing? The Case of […]

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3 Ways to Maximize Your Short Work Week Instead of Stressing

Shortened and holiday work weeks are always a blessing and a curse in my opinion. It’s so nice to have that extra day off for a 3-day weekend, but at the same time once you get back into the office you have to cram the work you normally do in five days down to four […]

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