Oneupweb : QR Code QRaziness

Two seconds after scanning the QR Code image, my smartphone’s browser brought me to a targeted landing page for Sunbrella’s upholstery products, complete with detailed information on their product line, and an easy link to find dealers in my local area.

Many recognizable global companies, such as Ford, Gap, Home Depot, Kellogg’s, Macy’s, Miller Beer, Re/Max, Starbucks, and Target have been embracing the potential of these scan-able QR Codes. They realize that they can reach their consumers at the point when their interest in their products or services are at their highest, and instantly return valuable information that can help lead consumers to a purchase.

I recently read about the new currency the Dutch made available earlier this week. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Royal Dutch Mint, they released new silver and gold currency with a QR Code embedded right on the coins.

While research from Forrester says that only 5% of the total smartphone owners in the US have actually scanned one of these QR Codes, count me as one of this growing group that will most likely try this again in the near future, when an available code is associated with another physical object that I am interested in.

So you want to begin incorporating these QR Codes into your marketing mix? Well you’ll want to make sure that you are returning relevant product or service information and/or directing your eager consumer traffic to an attractive landing page where they will be greeted with the information they were seeking, along with an easy path for them to purchase the desired product they were after.

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