Refreshed, Remixed And Still Relentless

An important tenet of branding is knowing when to give your brand a refresh. And we were more than ready. In the case of our newly launched website redesign, the change is nothing radical or crazy—but rather something that takes the essentials of who we are and updates it to reflect our growth spurts. Refreshing […]

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YouTube Releases New Video Player

Over the past few weeks YouTube has rolled out quite a few new improvements. The video sharing network updated its video page with a newer sleeker feel. And just today, the classic look of the YouTube video player has also changed.

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Oneupweb Reviews: The New YouTube Video Page

YouTube is offering users who opt-in here the ability to test drive the new video page redesign. Today we give the YouTube video page redesign an official Oneupweb review.

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Twitter Updates Homepage Design

If you haven’t been to Twitter’s homepage today, you are missing out on its new fancy-pants design. Yesterday, Twitter announced on its blog that the microblogging platform began rolling out the new design to help people better ‘explore the value of Twitter without an account.’

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Oneupweb Reviews: The New MSN Homepage

Wouldn’t it be nice to a have all of your social networks in one place? MSN thought so too, and they’ve included them right on the home page. You can use Facebook connect and MSN’s Twitter app to sync your accounts to the homepage. You can even post to your accounts directly from the homepage.

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Oneupweb Reviews: YouTube Video Page Redesign

YouTube has been working on what it calls “one of the biggest redesigns in YouTube history.” Today let’s take a look at the new Video Page features to see if they get thumbs up or thumb down.

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Facebook Testing Homepage Redesign… Again

Just when some folks were getting used to the recent Facebook homepage changes that were made in October, Facebook is apparently testing yet another homepage redesign.

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Let’s Get Dirty: The 2009 Oneupweb Rebrand Process (Week 5)

We’re in the final stretch. It’s so close I can taste it (but not actually. Like I would really lick the screen. Gross!). Tomorrow is our new official launch date for our all new, completely redesigned, never before seen website.

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Let’s Get Dirty: The 2009 Oneupweb Rebrand Process (Week 4)

Welcome to the “Oh shite!” week of our official Oneupweb rebrand. The deadline has been set, a launch date is in sight and our entire marketing team is living on extra-strong coffee, chocolate and a variety of sweets (except that one person, who eats carrots. Whatever.)

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Let’s Get Dirty: The 2009 Oneupweb Rebrand Process (Week 3)

Welcome back to Let’s Get Dirty: The 2009 Oneupweb Rebrand Process. Follow my musings as I guide you through the entire Oneupweb rebrand and redesign process. It’s an unedited, uncensored view from the inside. And I promise to hold nothing back (at least as long as they let me keep writing this).

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