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Social Proof in Marketing: Follow the Crowd

To understand what social proof is, consider how you go about making a decision. How much research goes into deciding what restaurant to try for dinner?  What’s the tipping point when deciding between two different lawn mowers? Why do you choose to take the highway when other options are available? Every decision we make – […]

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How To Make How-to Content Convert

A man who was not young told me that Millennials have to be the dumbest generation ever because they never recall anything from memory. Instead, they just pick up their phone and find the answer. While this theory certainly makes a great bar room debate, part of the claim is indisputable: Millennials use their phones […]

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Programmatic Buying – Huh?

Recently, digital media planners and buyers – those who determine the best mix of channels for an advertising or marketing campaign, and those who purchase the inventory – are moving to add programmatic buying to their online advertising tool belt. One of the latest buzzwords to hit the ad tech landscape – programmatic – is generating […]

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What’s the Real ROI?

One of the most important decisions that any business, but especially growing mid-sized businesses, face is how and where to spend marketing dollars. This is compounded by the ever growing and shifting channels that are available; stay in print, go all digital, how to reach local, what’s the right mix and diversity…the questions can roll […]

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Take Another Look at Display Advertising

Display Advertising as been an option for companies just about as long as there’s been a public Internet. Likely about 2 hours after the first big site went live, it started to show the first display ads. (ok, that may, possibly, be a slight exaggeration) Banners, skyscrapers and the like have seemingly always been a […]

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Yes. Design Is Good for Business.

“Design is now firmly on the business agenda. No longer the cherry on the cake for high-end goods and luxury brands, over the past decade it has gained relevance for the way organizations are structured, how they operate and how they think.” –Pietro Micheli The fallacies of yesteryear, where design is nothing but expensive decoration, […]

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Set Your Targets. Hit Your Mark.

Let me just be very clear at the outset, if you haven’t set your conversion goals, your project will fail. And I’m not talking about the big, soft, fluffy goals like, “more traffic”, “more business”, and “new customers”. Frankly, those are the goals of every single site in business. If you’re building a marketing strategy […]

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Are You Marketing Like a Nonprofit? (You Should Be)

Before working in digital marketing at Oneupweb, I worked in marketing and public relations for two nonprofits in Grand Rapids, Michigan — one an economic development organization and the other a small liberal arts college. Both were great experiences, and in many ways continue to inform the work I do on behalf of clients today. […]

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Not Relying on Customer Personas

For those of you who aren’t knee deep in marketing jargon, when I use the term “Persona”, you might think I’m referring to an actor taking on an alter ego to deliver a performance (ala Chris Farley and his performance as Matt Foley, an over the top motivational speaker).  I’m not—and, as other marketing veterans […]

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The Curse of 90% : The Challenge of Time Management

One truth that all of us face is the challenge of having to accomplish more with less. It’s either fewer resources on the team, or more and more marketing channels to manage. With every new challenge, the premium on our time grows by leaps and bounds. Time and again, we all have to face down […]

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3 Myths of Facebook Advertising

In the months before its disastrous IPO, Facebook faced a lot of tough questions about the viability of its advertising business: Is the social network valuable for ecommerce? Could Facebook truly leverage its database in the face of growing consumer privacy concerns? Could it convince marketers of its continued relevance in an increasingly mobile world? […]

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Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger: Google & Rap Genius

Since its inception, Google has been fighting an ongoing war against spam. Spam sites, not to be confused with everyone’s favorite canned pork shoulder, attempt to game search engine algorithms through techniques like paid linking schemes, hidden text and keyword stuffing. Practices such as these are bad for search engines because they can dilute the […]

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