Oneupweb Reviews: The Taco Bell App — Is Mobile Ordering Good to Go?

It’s lunch time and the Oneupweb Design and Marketing Departments are hungry. Not just any kind of hungry but the kind of hungry that can only be satisfied by a massive mound of tasty delicious Taco Bell. That’s right—Yo quiero Taco Bell! Satisfied with our choice, it leaves only one question. Do we dare try […]

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Oneupweb Reviews: Foursquare’s Cheater Code

Foursquare has announced its ‘cheaters code’ – an attempt to catch some of the folks that are checking in from their couches to steal mayorships. Users can no longer check in to a location, and earn points or badges, without actually being there.

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Oneupweb Reviews: The Orno

It’s difficult for marketers to spend massive amounts of money on marketing campaigns without knowing what the outcome will be. Will the campaign succeed or will it fail? Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what was going to happen with your campaign before you spent time and money creating it? The good people at Orno have created the next best thing to time travel: the Orno.

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Oneupweb Reviews: The New YouTube Video Page

YouTube is offering users who opt-in here the ability to test drive the new video page redesign. Today we give the YouTube video page redesign an official Oneupweb review.

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Oneupweb Reviews: PLANCAST

Today Oneupweb reviews PLANCAST, a service for sharing your upcoming plans with friends. The idea is, users submit their plans, and share them with friends. Ultimately, PLANCAST offers users a way to share their plans socially.

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Oneupweb Reviews: Tweetshare

Tweetshare, created by fuzebox, is a third party app that takes some of the best features of Twitter (real-time updates) and allows you to create your own custom micro site. There you can showcase presentations, videos, product shots, white papers and webinars. These micro sites are referred to as Fan Pages.

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Oneupweb Reviews: Blippy

There has been an increase in sites recently that allow you to share and review your purchases. We recently reviewed Hollr, a popular site that allows you to do just that. Blippy is a site that is trying to do the same. Let’s take a look at Blippy and see if it earns our thumbs up.

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Oneupweb Reviews: Funny Chatroulette Videos

Earlier this week we reviewed, Chatroulette, a service that has gotten a lot of attention from the media lately. Although Chatroulette has yet to find a way to monetize its service, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a lot of fun. So today, in Oneupweb tradition, let’s take a little different spin on the review. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Chatroulette videos.

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