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Crawl Errors: Google Helps You Clean House

A site with broken links not only hinders the user experience, but can also prevent search engines from finding important site content. Let’s look at a new feature in Google Webmaster Tools that makes it even easier to find site crawl errors and, more importantly, the sources of those errors.

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SMX: Continuing Our Education

SMX Advanced is a great opportunity to hear from some of the most compelling innovators in the digital marketing space, network with peers, and investigate new tools. We are super excited to be sending our CEO, Fernando Meza; Senior Business Strategy Manager, Dave Doran; and our Director of Paid Strategy, Shawn Finn. They are ready […]

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4 and 1/2 Signs of a Healthy Content Marketing Strategy

It’s been a year since that first kick-off call, during which you touted your expertise in content marketing, SEO, and generally awesome practices embraced by only the savviest of digital agencies. You and your client speak regularly, and things are going well, but the 1-year mark seems especially ripe for that “look-where-you-were-before-us-and-look-where-you-are-now” moment. Beyond the […]

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How To Make How-to Content Convert

A man who was not young told me that Millennials have to be the dumbest generation ever because they never recall anything from memory. Instead, they just pick up their phone and find the answer. While this theory certainly makes a great bar room debate, part of the claim is indisputable: Millennials use their phones […]

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Healthcare and Digital Marketing: The Context of Content

Healthcare decision-making begins with a search online, and hospitals and healthcare organizations need prospective patients to find relevant content that the consumer feels was written for them. That type of relevancy and efficiency is what drives patients and prospective patients to convert. The age of consumer-driven healthcare is here, and healthcare organizations that succeed in […]

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Upcoming Content: The State of Our Art–Future of SEO

It’s hard to tell where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. I’m paraphrasing James Burke, science historian, but it’s a truism. Oneupweb has gone many places in its 20-year history. We started in 1996 as a web design shop. We quickly shifted focus into search engine optimization. As the industry evolved, we […]

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Free White Papers – Get Your Free Inbound Marketing White Papers!

Every company needs to check-in from time to time to make sure that all marketing efforts are aligned with the key objectives and goals of the business. If something is out-of-whack, you need to figure out where the leak is, or where the process is broken. Inbound leads are essential for every business but having […]

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In partnership with Google, Oneupweb to Host Free Workshop for Local Businesses

Google-Sponsored Event at Oneupweb Event Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2015 Event Time: 5:30pm – 7:00pm Event Place: Oneupweb Headquarters, 13561 S. West Bayshore Drive, Traverse City, MI 49684 As teased briefly in a prior blog, Oneupweb is teaming up with Google and hosting a free event open to all business owners and managers. Let’s Put […]

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Google Begins Calling out Mobile-Friendly Sites in Search Results

Is your site mobile friendly? Google confirmed that it cares about mobile-friendly design a lot when it announced November 18 that it has begun a gradual roll-out of optimizing its search results for mobile users by adding a “mobile-friendly” label to search results that are considered “mobile-friendly.” This change has been rolling out globally over […]

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These Big Brands Took a Google Penalty to the Face

There will always be someone trying to cheat, hoodwink or scam the system wherever money is to be made. In the early years of internet, snake oil salesmen ran amok, uncovering clever ways to “game” search engine algorithms in order to boost their rankings in organic search results. Then the law of the land was […]

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3 Things Content Marketing Can Learn from Poetry

Content marketers bring with them a slew of past-life writing experiences that inform their work. One of my colleagues on the CM team here at Oneupweb, for instance, hails from journalism. The titles he comes up with are often witty and always attention-grabbing, and he rarely wastes words. My own background is in poetry, and […]

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Google’s New Effort to Improve Mobile Search

As we know, Internet usage via mobile devices has overtaken access by desktop, and Google, as is its wont, is adjusting accordingly, so that it can continue to dominate search. The big G recently announced that if mobile searchers are thinking of clicking through to a specific page, and that page redirects users to a […]

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