What’s happened with Google Ads?

SERP Evolution: AdWords Gets Rid of Sidebar Ads & Makes Room for 4 at the Top The SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is constantly evolving, so it’s no big surprise to see the latest update to the AdWords PPC format.  It appears that Google has changed the layout of the their Pay-Per-Click ads, getting rid […]

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Google Moves PLAs to the top of the SERP

Did you notice any changes in the Google search engine results pages (SERP) today? They involve where Product Listing Ads (PLAs) appear on the SERP and also an “Ads” identifier. Google has been busy updating its SERP, with an emphasis on PLA placement and a way to better identify paid content from a natural listing. […]

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A Search Engine Refresher

A higher ranking on a search engine results page leads to increased traffic, which can yield increased revenue. Find out how and why in this search engine refresher.

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