The Smart Commute Week Challenge

Andy Olds is Oneupweb’s PPC Project Manager and walks, bikes or skis to work regularly. He was Oneupweb’s captain for Smart Commute Week. Tessa Lighty is Oneupweb’s Social Media Coordinator and helped Andy rally the team for the week. As part of an annual celebration of cycling, walking, skateboarding, swimming, paddling, skipping, taking the bus, […]

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Oneupweb Reviews : Smart Commute Week (June 6-10)

Oneupweb = Ctrl-Alt-Defeat. We’re the team to beat in this year’s Smart Commute Week. Oneupweb takes Smart Commute Week very seriously. TART’s (Traverse Area Recreational Trail) largest event, Smart Commute Week promotes greener ways of getting where ever it is that you need to go: work, school, grocery store, and other places.

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