4 Reasons Pinterest Promoted Pins Are the Best Thing in Social Commerce

Pinterest is in the final beta rounds of Promoted Pins, and we already know this new form of advertising will revolutionize social commerce. I’ve been a social commerce believer since I sold my used text books in a Facebook group almost 10 years ago. Now a decade of e-commerce client work, blogs and white papers […]

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Is Your Business Losing Reach on Facebook?

Does this seem familiar? Since Christmas your Facebook brand page has suffered. Reach has declined and no matter what you do it just gets worse. Unless you repeatedly pay to “sponsor” your posts, your business page keeps losing eyeballs. Despite having opted in to see your posts, your followers are no longer seeing what you […]

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A Decade Later, Facebook is a Social Commerce Powerhouse

Facebook turns ten today—let’s take a look at its effect on social commerce. Nearly ten years ago, I received an email from a friend at Brandeis University asking me to join something called Facebook. The social network had caught fire at Harvard University (where its founder and creator, Mark Zuckerberg, attended classes) and was starting […]

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