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2018 Marketing Predictions: Social Media

Oneupweb content marketer Gillian Cobb shares what she thinks 2018 will look like for social media:
– Businesses will put a greater emphasis on differentiating the content they post on each of their social media channels.
– LinkedIn will be playing an even larger role in B2B marketing in the coming months.
– Storytelling will continue to grow and develop with new forms of content easily available to marketers.

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Upcoming Content: The State of Our Art–Future of SEO

It’s hard to tell where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. I’m paraphrasing James Burke, science historian, but it’s a truism. Oneupweb has gone many places in its 20-year history. We started in 1996 as a web design shop. We quickly shifted focus into search engine optimization. As the industry evolved, we […]

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Breaking Down 5 Key Content Marketing Metrics

Your content marketing efforts are robust and coordinated. You’re creating videos, product pages, white papers, blog posts, promotional materials, and more across a variety of channels to drive sales and boost profits. But how do you measure the efficacy of those efforts, in a segmented and clear way? We break down five key content marketing […]

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Which do you prefer: YouTube or Vimeo?

You have a video you want to share. Where’s the first place you’d think to put it? Most of you would probably default to YouTube, and it’s easy to understand why: with more than a billion unique visits each month and hundreds of hours of video content uploaded every minute, it’s clearly a safe choice. […]

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5 More Digital Trends For 2014

Customer expectations of the brands they do business with are shifting. Digital information has been invited into nearly every crevice, niche and on-demand moment of our lives. Customers, especially those of us in the 16-45 age range, have developed new and fast-evolving expectations surrounding e-commerce and digital brand interaction. Here are 5 more trends that […]

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5 Digital Trends For 2014

It’s December, and 2013 is fast coming to a close. If you haven’t started thinking about 2014, it’s time. Next year is going to be another big one for digital marketing, with big, fast changes in the way people use and interact with the Internet. But don’t fret, we have you covered: #1. Converging Boundaries […]

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Facebook Camera-Instagram Face Off

Good day photo people!  Today we’re reviewing the new the photo app from our friends at Facebook: the Facebook Camera App. Why does Facebook have a Camera App? Didn’t they just acquire Instagram? Well, thanks for asking, Dear Reader! Yes, Facebook acquired Instagram and it may seem redundant to have two types of photo apps, […]

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Oneupweb : Is that Lobster (font) again?

Pablo Impallari’s Lobster is a well thought-out font that’s retro, distinct and variable. It also has the price tag of FREE; you can find it in Google web fonts and many other sites. The combination of style, price and quality of the alternatives and ligatures have caused designers to fall in love with it. This […]

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Oneupweb : French Paper + CSA Design = Awesome

Even though I am a designer who works primarily in the digital realm, there is still something about a paper swatch book that makes my heart skip a beat or two. They are often little design gems. And the ones I always reach for first are from French Paper. I’ve always loved the unique, quirky […]

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Oneupweb: Confusing 2012 Weather

2012 has definitely started the year off owning up to the predicted strangeness foretold. The weather has by far been the most interesting of those predicted things to happen.

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