Optimizing Wizard, Podcast Press Release & Google, Oh my!

I recently used PRWeb for the wire distribution of a press release about Oneupweb’s new podcast white paper, Consider Podcasting. (It went well, as expected; thank you for asking.) But today, I was able to use the beta version of……

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Yahoo! Answers & the Proverbial Spaghetti Sauce Question

I work for a progressive company that wants its employees to always be in the know. To that end, we all do routine industry reading to make sure we’re in touch with the latest and greatest trends in online search……

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TV of the Future? Streams Full Episode Flash Video

I never find myself around the television when the popular shows are on. As a result, I have continually been out of the loop on those proverbial morning water cooler conversations regarding last nights Office, Lost, or Desperate Housewives episode…….

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Buddies for life…I think

Last week, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) users logged on to discover a new friend – er, Buddy. “ShoppingBuddy” is a new AIMbot that you can “converse” with to get help finding products, mostly from The Gap. Wanting to avoid the……

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Call the Landlord When the Faucet Leaks – A Word to Hosting Companies

I recently discovered that a new client has a great number of domains registered and hosted on an IP separate from his main, commercial site. My client’s not actively doing anything with these domains, just keeping them warm in the……

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