Hey Doctor, It Doesn’t Hurt When I Go “Like” This…

While everybody is looking for the ROI for investments in social media, the ROI can also mean “Risk Of Inaction”. Your organization is already being discussed by others throughout the social media universe, and it should be your company’s voice that is responding to these conversations. Negative information can have an impact on any business, but nothing hits home harder than the quality care of our loved ones.

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Oneupweb : Bing’s Search Share is Higher than Ever

Bing’s search share has continued to climb since its launch in May of last year, and it has been creeping up on Yahoo! ever since. And the search engine keeps growing, especially with its enhanced Facebook integration.

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Get Creative with Your Facebook Profile Picture

If you’re getting bored with your normal Facebook profile picture and want to rip through your interface just like me, feel free to download my PSD file I’ve included in this post.

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