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Social Proof in Marketing: Follow the Crowd

To understand what social proof is, consider how you go about making a decision. How much research goes into deciding what restaurant to try for dinner?  What’s the tipping point when deciding between two different lawn mowers? Why do you choose to take the highway when other options are available? Every decision we make – […]

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Google Event Success

After all the excitement surrounding the Google event last night, it was here and gone in the blink of an eye. But with over 50 in attendance, what a success it was! Google approached us a couple months ago to co-host an event with them called “Let’s Put Traverse City on the Map.” The goal […]

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Meet Our Adventure Seeker – Alaina Dodds

Name: Alaina Dodds Position: Brand Strategist What’s your average day like at Oneupweb? Every day is different than the day before, which I love. My typical day consists of strategy meetings, sales, internal marketing, content writing… Tell us about a favorite client moment. My favorite client moment was sitting down with Rachel Johnson from Cherryland […]

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Oneupweb Reviews: Brand Mascot – in ode to Cherry Bear and Mayhem!

I’m sure Mayhem is a favorite for a lot of you. I mean, how amazing is that, that an insurance company hit a home run with accident and mishap topics via the “Sexiest GPS Alive!” This could be the only time you would hear many of us scream “GO Mayhem!” Well, besides those select few that mosh about at a Sex Pistols concert, which actually could make for a good Mayhem commercial.

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Oneupweb Reviews: Amazon Lights My Fire With Their Own Kindle!

Forgive me, but I’m feeling a little fired up! After some research on the product I have come to the conclusion the little 7-inch device is smokin’ hot! Not to mention its awesome price tag, which is a good 50% cheaper than the Playbook and the $300 cheaper than the iPad?

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OneUpWeb : Time for a Browser Picnik

In March of 2010 Google acquired the online photo editing company Picnik, a website that allowed their users to be able to edit digital photos in their browser.

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