Oneupweb: ROSI Trax – Feed My Social ROI Hunger!

If you haven’t heard yet Oneupweb has launched their ROSI trax™: a tracking product that shows your social media campaign’s return on investment. It provides a clear picture of the value of your social media channels and campaigns with easy to generate reports available 24/7.

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Oneupweb : The Social Search Battle—Who’s Going to Win?

Google Social Search rolled out in 2009, and how it works is similar to the way that the Bing “Friend Effect” works, in that Google will personalize your search results based on social connections. The big difference: Google does not have the Facebook data that Bing has.

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Google Social Search: Part Two

Social Search is a new search product from Google that allows you to see results from people you are connected to through social networks. These types of results will only be returned if you have a Google profile and have configured it to recognize people within your social networks.

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