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What Does Having an ADA Compliant Website Mean?

Can you imagine a doctor’s office bathroom without a handicap stall? What about a hospital with no elevators? Just like your brick-and-mortar healthcare practice, you should be optimizing your website to be ADA compliant. Providing navigable websites for people with disabilities is not only a societal necessity like handicap-only parking spots, it’s also now considered […]

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Digital Marketing: Pulling Back the Curtain

A Look into the Fantastical Voyage That Is the Redesign and SEO Campaign for Our Own Heretofore Neglected Website We have to confess something. For a while now, we’ve neglected our own website—true, we’ve been pretty busy doing some cool digital marketing for our clients, but the result has been a Frankenstein-esque with a […]

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5 Lessons the World Cup Teaches Us About SEO & Digital Marketing

For the World Cup-crazed fans out there, here’s a lesson you can really grab hold of. But only if you’re a goalie, otherwise it’s a handball. So try trapping it with your chest, or header it to one of your strikers. OK, that’s enough… Don’t Obsess Over Rankings Just like sports fans obsess over World […]

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Psst— Your Site Visitors Are Human

Build your site around its user—consider their expectations, needs, feelings; build the site so that it’s useful, valuable and meaningful for the end user. Digital spiders crawl the world wide web, archiving and collecting data. Servers store and call up data; acting as air traffic controllers funneling information here and there, directing it to its […]

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