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7 Web Design Tips for Education Sites

Your website is your most important digital asset. For many of your potential students, it’s their first interaction with your school. It not only “sells” your school, for many institutions, it’s also the platform prospects use to apply for enrollment. The website is also an important resource for your current students, alumni, professors, community leaders […]

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Oneupweb : Check Out Our New Welcome Mat!

“You need it to make a great first impression, or you may never be given the chance to make a second.” Ain’t that the truth? (Perhaps I haven’t made a good first impression with that vernacular.) The saying applies to many, many things, but it’s something our CEO has said when specifically talking about good web design, saying that you should “think of your Web site as your welcome mat, or your virtual storefront.”

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Oneupweb : How Higher Education Handles Website Design—No Student Loan Required

College and university websites need to achieve a balance between selling the school to prospective students and providing information to the current student body. In our new study, Revolutionizing Website Design: The New Rules of Usability, we take a closer look at 3 higher education websites to see how they make the grade.

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Oneupweb : A B2B Business Plan for Web Design

Oneupweb’s new study, Revolutionizing Website Design: The New Rules of Usability, put B2B websites to the test. The study compared principles of design with user behavior.

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Website Usability – You Can’t Get There From Here

As a member of the Search Marketing team at Oneupweb, one topic that often comes up is website usability and its effect on positive return on investment. Usability can encompass many different facets. How easy is it to navigate through…

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Usability and the Retail Website

The ability to shop without leaving the comfort of your home – what a wonderful time to be alive! With more and more businesses starting websites, optimizing websites, and advertising websites it’s like having the world at your finger tips….

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