Women On Top : Celebrating Women In Business – Infographic

Return on sales: increase of 42%. Return on equity: increase of 53%. Return on investment capital: increase of 66%. Total sales: $1.3 trillion. Those are indomitable statistics and they all have one thing in common: they’re derived from businesses owned or operated by women.

To say the norms in business have changed would be an understatement. The stats presented above are impressive and they’re surely likely to continue being so. With more women than ever before in the workforce, more women attending college and more women-owned business just killing it—we thought it was high time to provide you with an illustration.

Oneupweb itself is a woman-owned business, championing diversity and leadership in its industry. And as part of our recent certification with the National Women Business Owners Corporation, we took some time to put together our latest infographic: Women on Top – Celebrating Women in Business.


  • Monica Coronel

    This article caught my attention when you talked about the “ego” because that is the real thing and the only reason why we, human beings, lack confidence as all the other maladies we carry. In fact, since we operate from the ego, we create the world we see and experience. This fragmented mind creates all sorts of limitations because it is the way it operates. Being that is fragmented, it cannot see us as whole thus it creates all types of stories that generally leads us to believe in one or another that we are totally imperfect and this leads us to suffering. The only way to be free of the ego is first and foremost to accept that we are the owners of our lives and thus we have to take control of our mind and not the other way around. Yes! we can control our mind and we must. But, in order to do it we have to find a healed healer otherwise we will fall in one of the many traps of the ego: to find healing guided by an unhealed healer.