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About Us:
The Oneupweb Difference

We apply our Midwestern work ethic and years of experience to every project. We can help you connect with your audience, and this ability taken together with our people, our setting, and the efficiency and technical savvy we’ve gained from our long history in the digital space make our agency different. In a good way.


One Great & Good-Looking Reason to Work With Us: Our Team

You know what I always say: Teamwork makes the dream work.

–Fernando Meza, Oneupweb CEO

Why work with us? One reason: our team.

Each of us is smart, talented and driven towards the same goal: helping you and your team succeed online. From content marketing to website design and development, social media to paid media and all things marketing in between, we are a leading digital marketing agency in Michigan that specializes in custom marketing solutions. And we’d love the chance to prove it to you.

We could say plenty more about ourselves, but honestly—we’d rather talk about you. Who are you? What would you like to do? Let’s find out together.

We’re Certified and we know it

National Women Business Owners Corporation's Woman Business Enterprise certification
Google Partner certification
Google AdWords Certified Partner
HubSpot certification

Hard Work Pays Off

We work hard to do great work for our clients and it’s nice when the industry recognizes our passion and dedication with awards.

A "thanks" goes out to our clients, because we couldn't have done it without your brands to inspire the work. So, "Thanks!"

Recent Awards:

Digital Daredevils Wanted

We’re looking for talent that has a taste for the edge

Account Manager of Client Services

If you have you been a key contributor to a branding or marketing success story and possess the drive and determination to do it again, then talk to us. We are looking for an experienced professional who has a passion for digital marketing. The Account Manager of Client Services is responsible for developing integral relationships with new and existing clients with involvement in all phases of the client campaign cycle.

The perfect candidate must have a strong agency background with the ability to demonstrate a “big picture” understanding of a client’s marketing strategy. Candidates must also be able to define a client’s long-term objectives and goals while responding strategically to shifts in their goals. Working closely with the project managers assigned to the account, this position is the lead client contact overseeing multiple accounts and primarily responsible for overall client communication and satisfaction.

You must possess the drive and desire to work in a fast-paced, results-oriented environment with the initiative to introduce and/or recommend new services to both new and existing clients. Your ability to think fast – creatively – is unmatched.


  • At least three years in an agency environment with a strong focus on sales and account management
  • Possess a strong working knowledge of key development areas of marketing, technology and digital advertising
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills with the ability to speak to both marketing and sales business segments
  • Ability to lead and guide the development of overall client objectives, ongoing strategic direction and revenue growth of multiple accounts
  • Anticipate client questions and concerns with definite solutions and answers
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred with a focus in communication, marketing or equivalent years of work experience
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PHP Developer

We’re looking for a PHP Web Developer who can write, develop and implement standards-compliant code to create dynamic web pages. This position will be part of a team dedicated to working with a variety of clients developing websites, microsites and landing pages.


  • Interpreting design requirements based on client needs
  • Translating design to code without loss of visual appeal
  • Ensuring cross-browser compatibility through proper QA and testing
  • Writing standards-compliant CSS, HTML, JavaScript and PHP
  • Working within a CMS-based environment such as WordPress
  • Working well within a diverse creative team
  • Troubleshooting and problem-solving code issues, taking the initiative to research, discover and implement alternative solutions
  • Working with e-commerce websites such as Magento


  • Proficient in Web standards markup (HTML and CSS)
  • Proficient in Web scripting (JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery)
  • Proficient in database development (MySQL)
  • Server-side programming (PHP)
  • Server environment knowledge (preferred)
  • Working knowledge of C# (preferred)
  • Magento experience with a focus on theming and plug-ins (preferred)
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