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Our clients work with us because we’re professional, knowledgeable, approachable listeners. We aren’t here to squash ideas and take all the glory. We’re here to earn trust, solve problems and celebrate with you.

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Our mission is to foster an environment that encourages our colleagues to realize their full potential while serving our clients and supporting their business goals.

What Moves Us Forward

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Some people think in extremes. Right or wrong, black or white. But your potential customers’ needs are not black and white, and individuals perceive media differently. Oneupweb digital marketing strategies happen in a challenging, exciting gray area because that’s what works. We built a team that makes it look easy.

Our marketing agency has the perfect mix of analytical, left-brained marketers and creative, right-brained marketers. From our headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan, we work with local, national and international clients across a wide spectrum of industries, managing everything from content marketing to enterprise website design and development. We love what we do, and we’ve been doing it successfully for 20 years.

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Our Leadership Team

Michigan Marketing Agency – Global Impact

There are some jobs you want to get done locally. Like an oil change or haircut. But when it comes to trusting a company with your marketing, why not consider an agency in the Midwest? You won’t find marketing bros in our office, dishing out empty buzzwords. You’ll find a team with unparalleled work ethic – salt of the earth who invest fully in your business. In the Midwest, we get the job done right, we graciously apply feedback, and we’re nice the whole time we do it.

Our Culture

More than just marketers, we are community members, active learners, food reviewers and beer lovers.

Customer service is our top priority.

With Oneupweb, you’re surrounded by industry professionals and the entire leadership team. We build our relationship with you based on trust and valuable work, not transactions.

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“Never underestimate the power of perspective and empathy. Empathy will give you the humility to look outside of yourself and see the world through your consumers’ eyes. The perspective you find is your marketing strategy’s guiding light.”

Fernando Meza, CEO

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