Young woman lying on sofa browsing online wine sales while drinking a glass of wine at home in the living room

Building an Effective Wine Ecommerce Strategy

Online wine sales didn’t start with the pandemic. However, like so many other markets, stay-at-home orders and health concerns accelerated a long-term shift toward direct-to-consumer wine sales. In a largely fragmented market, wineries and distributors are reevaluating their overall marketing strategy and making substantial investments in website platforms, software and marketing campaigns. The Growing Online…

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a professional looking female marketer

Jump Links and SEO: A Study

Jump links, also known as anchor links, help website administrators move users to the specific information they need within a single page. Anchor links have been a practical element of web design for decades. Today, they may also enable evaluations of user behavior, thanks to Google Analytics 4. Oneupweb tested how jump links and FAQ…

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two women looking at a website on a laptop

The Low-Quality Traffic Dilemma

Lots of website or app sessions – very few leads and sales. This is the low-quality traffic dilemma, and it’s not what you want. Increase user engagement and focus on the right metrics with a refreshed user engagement strategy – let’s get started! What Are High-quality and Low-quality Traffic Sources? There are no perfect website…

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erin lentz

Meet Erin, Oneupweb’s Human Resources Manager

Erin Lentz, Human Resources Manager I am a proud Traverse City native. After completing high school, I entered the Air Force and traveled the world, returning to Traverse City 10 years later. I completed my Human Resources Management degree at Davenport University and began working for a local transportation organization. Oneupweb’s culture drew me in,…

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Two SEO marketing professional discussing SEO strategy.

Submitting Your XML Sitemap to Search Engines: Why and How

SEO and content marketing experts Gillian Cobb and Freddy Hunt discuss why and how you should be submitting your XML sitemaps to Google and Bing. Why You Should Submit an XML Sitemap The main reasons to submit a sitemap to search engines like Google is to ensure the most recent version of your site is…

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katelyn johnson

Meet Our Managerial Accountant

Katelyn Johnson, Controller / Managerial Accountant I was born and raised in Wisconsin but have been bouncing around Michigan for over a decade. I have divided allegiances; my bachelor’s degree in Accounting is from Michigan State University while my master’s degree in Sustainability is from University of Michigan. Throughout my professional career, I have spent…

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a man in a blue button up shirt and a woman in a white button up talk at a meeting room table with bright windows behind them and plants in front on the table top

SEO for Hidden Content: Using JavaScript and Accordions

Accordion, tabbed content and other expandable text blocks are solutions for web designers looking to strike a balance between lots of content and clean design. When you package pieces of information into tidy, unobtrusive compartments, you put users in a position to choose what matters most to them. But how do accordions affect SEO, and…

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a husband and wife swing their daughter on her arms playing in the front yard of a large, nicely painted house

Oneupweb 2022 Year in Photos

This year’s image collection comes from two of Oneupweb’s talented creative team members: Rob Vanderstelt and Emily Nelson. Enjoy the images they have created and collected. Rob’s Photos: “Just a mix of my favorite shots, these are great examples when everything comes together, from casting, location, wardrobe, HMUA, lighting, etc. all comes together and creates…

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Hand holding a smartphone that shows the Twitter log-in page.

Twitter, IRL: A Look at How Twitter Has Changed Since Elon Musk Took Over

The digital world has been watching the slow-motion saga of Musk’s high-profile $44 billion takeover of Twitter. After months of very public antagonism between Musk and Twitter’s leadership, the deal is done. Away from the headlines and the dollar signs, we took a look at the platform, its users and what Musk’s Twitter looks like…

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phone open to instagram photo capture screen in front of a colorful wall mural

Instagram Guides: Everything You Need to Know

Instagram feed posts are a nifty way to pair stunning visuals with neat and concise copy. But what if what you’ve got to say is more than 2,200 characters? Brands still haven’t picked up on Instagram Guides, a feature on IG business and creator accounts that allows for long-form text that supports products, services and…

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Two women appear above video title "ecommerce marketing strategy"

The Importance of Curation in Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

With the number of US malls expected to drop from 700 to just 150 in the next decade, concerns about the viability of traditional retail are on the rise. As shoppers return to in-person shopping after the pandemic, it’s important for ecommerce brands to recreate the hands-on experience of brick-and-mortar retailers. Combined with personalized digital…

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Your New Product Launch Checklist

Successful product launches use every marketing tool available to make a splash. Pulling all the right levers at precisely the right time can be tough, even if this isn’t your first product launch campaign. To help, we gathered insight from our product marketers to create a road map that includes everything your digital team can…

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