What’s in Google’s Search Data Leak?

Despite the rapid rise of AI-powered alternatives like ChatGPT, Claude and others, Google’s search algorithm remains the search marketer’s most coveted and secretive data. Recently, a massive data leak gave the world an unprecedented look into Google’s black box. The documents show how Google allegedly organizes, ranks, and serves search results and gives industry insiders…

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two marketers work and smile while standing taking notes

 5 Ecommerce Marketing Tools We Love

Having the right tools for the job makes building your ecommerce brand a lot easier. Of course, it takes time to find the right ecommerce tools to match your needs or fill your skills gap – but it’s well worth the effort. Luckily, we’ve got the Spark Notes version to help you save time choosing…

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a mans hands rest on a computer keyboard while various devices show pie charts, bar graphs and other data to analyze

Microsoft Clarity: Heatmapping That’s Accessible (and Free)

Organizations and marketers invest tremendous amounts of time and money to find out what users want. Website UX tools like Microsoft Clarity help businesses and organizations sift through mountains of data to improve user accessibility and leverage customer behavior to optimize site design. Clarity sets itself apart with its ease of use and competitive pricing…

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nicholas kurtz

Introducing Nick Kurtz, Marketer Extraordinaire

Nicholas Kurtz, Senior Paid Media Project Manager Since growing up in Traverse City and then graduating from Grand Valley State University with a bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations, I’ve found myself marketing both in-house and at agencies for a wide range of products and services on local, regional, national, and even international levels….

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two marketers work on their camera equipment

What Is Brand Photography (and Why Do I Need It)?

A picture says a thousand words, and when it’s an image of your brand, it needs to say it all. Brand photography, sometimes called identity photography, is important to establish and maintain brand identity. Especially for busy marketers, it’s super-efficient to have an expansive and diverse library of current, high-quality brand and on-brand images to…

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a dryer vent wizard franchise employee walks away from his branded van to work on a job

Franchise Fees: What It Really Costs to Own a Franchise

Franchises offer an accessible and supportive business model that has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs become small business owners. While not insignificant, typical franchise fees match the value you receive by joining a franchise system. Read on to learn more about the initial and long-term franchise fee structure and the various costs associated with…

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a website developer works on code

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Website?

Your website might be your organization’s most important investment. Websites serve as the face of your brand and organize information and products to meet the needs of customers. On top of doing regular maintenance, creating fresh content and making ongoing optimizations, marketers need to determine when it’s time to consider a website rebuild or start…

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Female tourist views city street

Fresh Hospitality Marketing Concepts That Get Results

On the heels of COVID-19, marketing strategies for hotels and resorts have shifted to meet guests’ priorities and preferences. A decade ago, hospitality market trends were primarily focused on the rise of short-term rentals and high-profile acquisitions. Today, the newest trends in the hotel industry and adjacent industries are focused on how – and where…

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an experienced video marketing expert wearing a mask uses his camera to create a video in a shop

The Benefits of Video Marketing for Any Business

In years past, a catchy tagline and a polished image in a magazine might have captivated audiences. Today, however, video marketing is the most impactful medium. More publishers, from news outlets to businesses, are adopting a video-first approach to content.   Why? In part, because effective video marketing strategies put your brand, products and services…

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Why Concierge Medicine Marketing Is Different

Marketing in medicine and healthcare is unique in all circumstances. Healthcare providers need to earn the trust of prospective patients while addressing individuals’ substantial barriers to care. Concierge practice marketing is even more niche, and it can be challenging for in-house marketing teams to reach the right audience effectively. The fix? A fresh, honest assessment…

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Three marketing professionals discuss analytics for a paid marketing campaign.

Campaign Tracking Made Easy with A UTM Builder Tool

UTM tools make building UTM parameters faster, more accurate and more useful for marketers in any industry. Using UTM tags generates incredibly valuable user insights and provides actionable data to improve marketing ROI – and that’s what we’re all about. So, we made our own UTM builder template, and you can give it a shot,…

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Asian patient holding clipboard filling medical report while discussing health care treatment with specialist medic

5 Fresh Healthcare Recruitment Strategies

Recruiting in healthcare has never been more competitive than in the past few years. Faced with an aging workforce and a mass industry exodus during the pandemic, recruitment in healthcare presents organizations with substantial challenges – and tremendous opportunity. Built on Oneupweb’s deep experience in healthcare recruitment marketing, we’ve compiled a handy resource for in-house…

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