google analytics graph showing sessions from all channels

Google Analytics Channels Explained

In digital marketing, few resources are as valuable as analytics data. To help assemble that data, more than 28 million websites rely on Google Analytics. On July 1, 2023, all of those users will transition from Google’s Universal Analytics to the newest version known as Google Analytics 4. These tools are very helpful, but they…

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blue puzzle with white piece missing technical site audit type

What You Need to Know About the Technical Site Audit: Beyond the Minute

We’ve all been on a website with issues. The page takes forever to load, links keep turning up 404 errors or using the navigation system feels like an exercise in patience. But have you thought about how your users experience your site? A technical site audit (AKA a technical SEO audit) can help you identify…

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tea sanmiguel

Meet Téa, Oneupweb Graphic Designer

Téa SanMiguel, Graphic Designer I grew up in Middleville, MI and attended Ferris State University where I obtained a B.A in Graphic Design. I moved up to the Traverse City area January of 2021 and have enjoyed exploring all the great things northern Michigan has to offer! What’s your average day like at Oneupweb? Drinking…

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brooke powell

Meet Brooke Powell, Writer Extraordinaire

Brooke Powell, SEO/Content Marketing Manager I was born and raised in Traverse City. After attending NMC for two years, I transferred to Michigan Tech, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in technical communications. Following graduation, I moved to Grand Rapids to work at a local automation company as their marketing manager. I loved…

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casey mcdougall

Introducing Casey McDougall

Casey McDougall, SEO and Content Marketing Project Manager I was born and grew up in Farmington, MI with a lifelong passion for books and reading. That led me to get my bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing from Michigan State University, translating a love for the written word into a skill for rhetoric and content creation….

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Two marketing pros look at something on a laptop

How to Improve Conversion Rate

Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization Testing A simple change to a web page’s design and interface can be extremely powerful. A minor tweak can produce more leads and sales even when traffic stays about the same. Other times, you spend loads of resources on a cool, interactive page and get limited results. Is trying to…

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What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube has its own search engine, which means it also has its own SEO ranking algorithm. The YouTube SEO process uses keywords, hashtags, video content and other on-platform assets to improve your channel’s position in search results. Optimization can help in other ways, too. YouTube content will also rank in Google search results – but…

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a man, left, and woman explain what is content marketing

What Is Content Marketing?

If you’re wondering, “What is content marketing?” but don’t want to ask the team, get the info you need in this article and video. It’s a widely defined term. …

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Woman going over notes with a colleague.

All the PPC Terms You Need to Know

Digital marketers rely on many acronyms and abbreviations when discussing their work. PPC terms and acronyms help to ensure everyone is referring to the same paid media metrics and data points. Learning the meaning behind CPM, ROAS and other terms helps brands and marketers stay in sync and focused on the core KPIs that drive…

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5 Simple & Powerful Website Animation Examples

Subtle website animation is an effective tool for capturing attention and directing users to the content or actions you’re hoping they will take. Animation leads the eye, improves user behavior and drives engagement metrics that can keep customers on site longer and drive them to the content they’re looking for. The Internet is a big…

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A female page experience expert works at a computer while wearing glasses and a scarf

What Is a Microsite? (And When to Build One)

While they may share similar purposes, microsites and landing pages are different structurally and in potential. Brands looking to create a unique user experience to support a product launch, a specific service or a dedicated audience often choose between building a microsite or creating a landing page. Which is the right way to go? Depending…

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a marketer with blonde hair wearing a white button up and black pants leans against teal lockers holding a pen and notebook while chatting with another marketer wearing a blue button up shirt learning against a hallway wall in the oneupweb office

SEO Tactics to Drive More Traffic to Your Site

SEO tactics continue to evolve as the algorithms and search results pages change – and they’re always changing. Google had more than 5,000 algorithm tweaks in 2022 plus a half-dozen major updates. It may leave you wondering, what technique will improve the web search results the most? To start, commit to publishing high-quality informative content….

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