franworth vice president of digital marketing brandi kloostra

A Conversation with the Vice President of Digital Marketing at Franworth

Brandi Kloostra has brought the Oneupweb team with her as she’s conquered the franchise marketing industry time and time again. Always working multiple jobs from a young age, Brandi went from delivering newspapers to Vice President of Digital Marketing at Franworth, with more than a few stops along the way. Through her personal (wife, mother…

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Meet Brittney Baker, a Do-It-All Account Manager

Brittney Baker, Senior Account Manager I was born and raised in Traverse City, MI. It’s a gorgeous place and by far the most peaceful place to be. I’m a Ferris State University grad with a seasoned digital marketing background. I’ve dabbled in design, websites, marketing strategy and client services. I dedicate my time to providing…

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man and woman stand at head of conference room addressing others seated in the room and gesturing at words drawn on whiteboard wall

Make Collaboration Between Sales and Marketing a Real Thing

Yes, it can happen! And you can be the change you want to see in the world. Read on for some examples, tactics and hard truths about what it takes to get your sales and marketing teams to work together in harmony. Define the Relationship Between Marketing and Sales Sometimes, the relationship between sales and…

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a website designer and a website developer high five

Website Development and SEO Go Together Like PB&J

Warning: this article includes many prolonged food-based metaphors. Do not read on an empty stomach. Ever heard the expression, “too many cooks in the kitchen?” It’s meant to describe a situation where too many people are working on the same project. The result is a mess: broken eggs, spilled milk, and fire alarms going off….

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A female account manager sending an email on her computer.

Which Email Marketing Metrics Matter?

Email marketing metrics can tell the story of your brand. By closely monitoring how subscribers interact with both crafted and automated emails, adjusting content to suit reader needs and interests, and sliding in a few promotional efforts, you can wield email marketing as a valuable tool for ecommerce, lead generation, and more. But which email…

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jess and nicole check out a design on a tablet at the current oneupweb office

Chaos and Control: Building Friendships at Oneupweb

Since Halloween 2009, they’ve been inseparable. Jess Gordon-Beach and Nicole Emenhiser are two designers at Oneupweb with a history they say is categorized not by years, but by where the Oneupweb office was located.  There were the “old building” upstairs years with the previous owner Lisa… the “old building” downstairs years with Fernando, the current…

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Professional Developer programmer cooperation meeting and brains

Do You Need a New Website? Here’s How to Tell

Making the decision to build a new website or invest in a refresh requires a lot more than looking at it. While a visual assessment helps, data points should also be a huge deciding factor. We’ve put together a few ways to determine if you need a new website, plus what you should expect to…

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woman in ponytail sitting at computer with two colleagues behind her

Six Things We Learned About GA4 in a Year+

The release of GA4, the new Google Analytics, was announced in late 2020. This technology will likely replace Google Universal Analytics (UA) sometime in the future, though Google hasn’t made this clear. Despite the murky future of Google Analytics UA vs. GA4, our digital marketing agency knew one thing back in 2020: All our clients…

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A graphic designer working on a web design project.

Now Hiring a Graphic Designer

Are you a creative person with a confident eye for design? Do you have a passion for using visual art to tell powerful stories? Oneupweb is searching for a Graphic Designer to join our digital marketing team. The Graphic Designer will create engaging and compelling creative assets to support marketing and brand initiatives for our…

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What Is It Like to Live in Traverse City?

Spoiler alert: It’s great. The perks of living and working in Traverse City, Michigan, come down to being part of a community that’s found a perfect balance between opportunity, growth, and maintaining its small-town soul. Working with some of the best employers in northern Michigan makes a move to Traverse City fulfilling, and when you…

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Oneupweb employees discuss market research and write notes on a whiteboard wall

Why Using Longtail Keywords with Low Search Volume Is Powerful

It may seem counterintuitive to target a keyword with only 10 to 150 searches per month on a national level. Your leadership or digital team has probably asked questions like, “What is a good keyword search volume?” But really, any longtail, low-volume keyword can pack an intense punch when it’s ultra-relevant to your audience and…

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david doran

Meet Dave “Straight Out of the Bag” Doran

David Doran, Director of Strategy I joined Oneupweb in 2014, as a member of the SEO team. Currently, as the Director of Strategy, I lead the Sales and Marketing team; work with project teams on clients’ annual planning and other strategic initiatives; and drive agency-wide strategies aimed at improving technology and services. I’ve spoken at…

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