Sitemaps 101: An Introduction to Sitemapping Your Website

Sitemaps are dedicated files that organize and prioritize every piece of content on your website. Sitemapping helps search engines like Google and Bing make sense of your site’s pages and index the stuff that matters most. Once the lone purview of site administrators and professional SEOs, tools like Yoast, Google sitemaps and CMS platforms like…

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two women looking at a computer screen, smiling

Every Type of Display Ad (And Why They Work!)

Display advertising is one of the best ways to raise awareness of your brand, product or service. The Google display network includes digital tools that billions of people rely on every day, including Gmail and YouTube. Wondering what a mix of creative display ads can do for your next paid campaign? Let us walk you…

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How to Calculate The ROI of SEO

Measuring the ROI of SEO is tricky for many reasons, making it a challenge for organizations to make marketing decisions. When properly determined, though, the return on investment for SEO strategy can lead to improvements in project efficiency and provide actionable insights into consumer interests, changing demographics and developing opportunities. What Is the ROI of…

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A Oneupweb strategist places a note on a whiteboard.

Franchise Development and Economic Uncertainty

The prevailing legend of the “recession-proof” franchise hasn’t faced the anticipated test of 2023 – yet. Historically, franchises have weathered economic storms well, relying on economies of scale and pooled resources that sole proprietorships can’t access. With inflation elevated and commercial lending rates high, how has franchise development been faring? How will it change? As…

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three marketers sit in an office room at a large desk chatting and gesticulating with their hands about a marketing project

Buy Now, Pay Later: The Future of BNPL

The “buy now, pay later” market topped $170 billion in 2022 and saw more than 360 million unique users worldwide. BNPL options have grown thanks to the accelerated shift toward online shopping driven by the pandemic, offering ecommerce brands another payment option to meet changing demands from their customers. As the perpetual battle for clicks…

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Text-based graphic for "FAQ: Content Marketing"

Your Content Marketing FAQs, Answered

Content marketing isn’t new. Before the term picked up buzz in 2012, it was simply known as “marketing.” So, what is content marketing? Today, content marketing is a vital part of any robust digital marketing strategy – and you’re probably already doing it. It’s brand awareness. It’s thought leadership. It’s lead gen. Content marketing is marketing. Content Marketing…

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maggie tayler

Meet Maggie Tayler, Laid-Back Account Manager

Maggie Tayler, Account Manager I worked in public relations for almost a decade in Ann Arbor after college. I moved around a lot with that company, and it offered me opportunities I never could have dreamed of! I also met mentors I still keep in touch with to this day. One day my husband and…

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hands rest on a computer while holding a credit card prepared to make an online purchase from an ecommerce website

How Shopify Expansion Stores Work (and Why You’d Need One!)

Shopify is an excellent ecommerce platform for growing your online brand. With a range of pricing options and a host of proprietary tools, companies of all sizes get the support and infrastructure they need. Shopify Plus, the premier Shopify subscription level, includes one neat benefit – more stores. Shopify Plus expansion stores offer brands a…

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a ski lift at a ski resort during the fall advertising color tours

How Do You Market a Ski Resort with No Snow?

Climate change has dealt ski resorts a tough hand. Already fighting to bring guests back after COVID-19 lockdowns and health concerns, declining snowfall appears to be worsening in many parts of the US. What kind of story can a ski resort tell when one of its most important resources is running out? How Is Global…

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Young attractive african waitress checking the quality of goods holding a folder in coffee shop

The Best 10 Franchise Opportunities in 2023

The franchise business model provides an accessible way for you to invest in a new business or expand or streamline your current operations. From restaurants to home service brands, franchise businesses play an influential role in many industries. And with good reason! The knock-on effect of shared marketing support, corporate training and recruiting resources and…

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a website designer and a website developer high five

How to Choose a Web Design & Development Company

Finding a single company to take on your whole website project can be challenging. But it’s worth it. Partnering with a vertically integrated company that offers web design and development simplifies your website project. Hiring multiple vendors to design and then develop your site often results in inefficient workflows, an unstable layout and (worst-case scenario) a breakable…

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A development team collaborates in a bright office.

How to Fully Customize Your WordPress Theme (Without Being a Developer)

When Oneupweb decided to develop their new website in Wordpress, the designers found one major difference: custom page and post templates. Find out what they learned….

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