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franchisors and franchisees meet to discuss the website strategy

The Local Impact of Franchise Businesses

Locally owned franchises are valuable sources of steady employment, tax revenue and economic resilience. Especially during economic downturns, franchises have ...

students on a college campus walk through the old buildings

5 Higher Education Trends to Watch

The higher education industry has experienced several shifts over the past few years. COVID-19, changing demographics and a renewed skepticism ...

three marketers sit in an office room at a large desk chatting and gesticulating with their hands about a marketing project

Get Cooking with Ingredient Branding (Not Actually About Cuisine)

There are two laptops on sale. They’re almost identical, save one white and blue sticker on the model that costs ...

Shopify SEO: Everything You Need to Know

Shopify is one of the world’s largest ecommerce platforms, powering over one million stores in 175 countries. It stands to ...

Doctor shows his healthcare website

Branding in Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare organizations operate in a competitive marketplace where they’re marketing deeply personal and often high-stakes services. This combination of factors ...

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