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amanda olsen

Introducing Amanda Olsen

Amanda Olsen, SEO & Content Marketing Project Manager I currently live in Midland, MI but I grew up in Muskegon—only ...

collin avery

Here’s Collin Avery, SEO and Martial Artist

Collin Avery, SEO & Content Marketing Copywriter I was born, raised and live in Traverse City, MI. I attended high ...

gordon rozga

Meet Gordy Rozga, Personable Website Developer

Gordon Rozga, Junior Web Developer Born and raised in this beautiful Up-North Mecca that is Traverse City. I’m a self-taught ...

Laura Payne sits with her wife kissing their child

Pride Marketing Chat

Oneupweb is definitely considered an LGBTQIA+ friendly agency. In the past, we’ve donated to the Up North Pride foundation in ...

a woman uses computer software for creating videos on a computer

Hiring Video Editor / Producer

Oneupweb is seeking a Video Editor / Producer with a proven track record of working in creative environments and delivering ...

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