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Website developer works on his computer while notes from a team brainstorm are still on the whiteboard behind him

Now Hiring a Technical SEO Developer

Are you a tech-savvy SEO enthusiast? Join our team at Oneupweb and bridge the gap between technical website health and ...

What’s in Google’s Search Data Leak?

Despite the rapid rise of AI-powered alternatives like ChatGPT, Claude and others, Google’s search algorithm remains the search marketer’s most ...

two marketers work and smile while standing taking notes

 5 Ecommerce Marketing Tools We Love

Having the right tools for the job makes building your ecommerce brand a lot easier. Of course, it takes time ...

a mans hands rest on a computer keyboard while various devices show pie charts, bar graphs and other data to analyze

Microsoft Clarity: Heatmapping That’s Accessible (and Free)

Organizations and marketers invest tremendous amounts of time and money to find out what users want. Website UX tools like ...

nicholas kurtz

Introducing Nick Kurtz, Marketer Extraordinaire

Nicholas Kurtz, Senior Paid Media Project Manager Since growing up in Traverse City and then graduating from Grand Valley State ...

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