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megan youngerman

Meet Megan, Writer Extraordinaire

Megan Youngerman, SEO & Content Marketing Project Manager I grew up in Holland, Michigan, and received a Bachelor’s in Writing ...

cameron benak

Meet Cam “The Mustache” Benak, Account Manager

Cameron Benak, Associate Account Manager I was born and raised right here in Traverse City, Michigan, graduating from Northwestern Michigan ...

The Ultimate Glossary of Content Marketing Terms and Terminology

You don’t need to know it all. In a dynamic industry like digital marketing, even experts like us have to ...

a man holds a digital camera up to his eyes to take a photograph while in an office setting

Video and Photography Marketing Glossary

With modern technology, anyone can successfully incorporate video marketing into their digital marketing strategy. If you’re still learning digital video ...

An iPhone and a laptop on a glass table, the phone has Facebook open on the screen.

Social Media Marketing Terms to Know

Social media marketing is a huge marketing channel. There are many terms that are used frequently but may not be ...

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