Technical Site Audit Services

Your website might look great, but when was the last time you looked under the hood? Regularly auditing a website reveals how well it really works for search engines and people, and how to help your pages rank in search results and drive conversions. Oneupweb audits hundreds of thousands of web pages every year, and we’d be glad to look at yours. We’ll tell you what’s going on in a comprehensible way, even if SEO and coding aren’t in your wheelhouse.

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What Is a Technical Website Audit?

Site audits go deep into the technical and structural elements of your website that impact performance, including:

    • Page speed
    • Core Web Vitals
    • Metadata
    • Indexing coverage
    • Schema markup
    • XML sitemaps
    • Archive pagination
    • Page canonicalization
    • Site functionality
    • URL errors and broken links

    Working with experienced SEOs and developers unearths issues and solutions that no single technical SEO audit tool could recreate.

    Why Oneupweb?

    For nearly 3 decades, Oneupweb has provided quality digital marketing services and consultation to clients across industries and markets. You’ll get a site audit shaped by expert SEOs, developers and strategists with your goals in mind.

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    What You’ll Get with Oneupweb

    Our technical website auditing services are tailored to your site and your organization’s goals. For example, if you’d like us to look at your GA4 tags while we investigate everything else, we will! Our in-house SEO and web development teams have built our own proven analysis flow.

    You’ll receive a comprehensive list of findings, a detailed presentation about each issue, a companion sheet of important data and a conversation with our site auditing team to answer all your questions. Most importantly, you’ll receive a prioritized list of solutions and opportunities to clean up your site.

    Finally, we can include as much support for implementation as you need, whether you’d like us to tackle everything solo or provide notes for your web development partners.

    Snapshot: Technical Site Audit Services

    • Timeline to completion: 1 month from receiving relevant asset access
    • Deliverables: presentation deck with recommendations, results presentation, companion sheet with data
    • Pricing: We estimate every technical site audit project individually. See more pricing information.
    • Implementation: Included fully, partially, or not at all – your choice!
    • Relevant case study: How a Technical SEO Audit Accelerated Cherry Central’s Growth

    Technical Site Audit FAQs

    What’s a technical site audit? Is it different from an SEO audit?

    At Oneupweb, both terms describe the same core service: identifying technical SEO issues and making actionable recommendations. Think: title tags, pagination and page speed. The little details add up in a big way. Learn more about these terms in our SEO glossary.

    Is this the same as a UX audit?

    It’s different. User experience audits focus on the visual and interactive elements of a site, while technical site audits primarily address the inner workings of a website.

    If I do a technical site audit, is my site fixed?

    A site audit will identify issues, but resolving the issues will take time. If your agreement includes time for Oneupweb implementation, we’ll take care of it; our development squad is a pretty big deal. But if your organization prefers to use in-house development resources, we can simply hand over the roadmap to fix the problems.

    How often should I conduct a website audit?

    We recommend a professional technical site audit at least once a year. Your organization may also benefit from technical auditing before and after a new site launch. We’ll discuss the timing of your project when we hear from you!

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