SEO Marketing Services

Our agency believes in the reliable power of SEO services (aka search engine optimization). We optimize websites to attract not only more organic traffic but also higher-quality traffic.

Oneupweb’s SEO services enhance the front and back end of a website – from resolving indexing errors to applying keyword strategies. As a full-time or project-based SEO partner, we can help you build an organic content strategy that’s informed by data and really works. No shady tactics, just advanced search engine optimization.

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Websites That Work the Crowd
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It’s not enough to simply “SEO” a website. There’s much more to it, which makes it fun for our SEO marketing fanatics at Oneupweb. We combine SEO services with content marketing services to ensure a well-rounded strategy.

Additionally, our SEO clients often ask for web development support, among other service pairings that maximize website performance.

“We knew you truly cared about our project, us and our people. Everything you have done for us has been top-notch. We really do think of Oneupweb as part of our family!”

Mark Solis, Digital Marketing Manager, PKD Foundation

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Core SEO Services

Technical Site Audits

We identify SEO issues and other technical factors that affect how your site is indexed and ranked by search engines.

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technical site audits

Huntington Bank

We increased unique site visits by 821% in one year.

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We boosted natural search numbers by 253% in one year.

AMP Implementation

In a mobile-first world, page speed is crucial. Accelerated Mobile Pages use a stripped-down form of HTML that loads fast.

Site/Page Speed Optimization

Slow pages mean frustrated users and abysmal organic performance. Let our SEO team and web development team help.

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site/page speed optimization

McCarthy Building Companies

We increased organic click-to-call metric by 712% YOY.

Schematic Language Markup

Schematic markup (aka structured data or microdata) calls out certain content so search engines can easily display your business’s information.

Site Migration Support

Whether you’re merging, moving or launching a site, we can help mitigate any loss of traffic and leads by taking care of technical matters.

Site Architecture Analysis

The way your website is organized can be the difference between a conversion and a bounce. We revamp sitemaps to elevate the user experience.

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site architecture analysis

Discover Boating

We grew unique site visits by 160% in two months.

Strategic SEO Consulting

All our services include consultation to identify further opportunity. We can also offer standalone marketing consulting. Tell us your challenges, and we’ll think our way forward.

A construction worker holds a blueprint and stand beneath steel framing for a new building

strategic seo consulting

McCarthy Building Companies

We increased organic traffic to service pages by over 60% YOY.

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We created a 20% increase in average order volume.

Keyword Research

Focusing on your key pages, we do extensive keyword research with a specialized set of tools to build your content strategy.

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keyword reporting

McCarthy Building Companies

We grew organic sessions by 250% YOY.

Two Aggreko industrial generators with complex pipes and wiring



We increased top ten SERP placements by 940% during a two-year campaign.

Page Optimization

We apply SEO strategies liberally in all areas of your pages. This goes hand-in-hand with our content marketing services.

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page optimization


We boosted online sales by 80% YOY.

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We increased branded search volume by 60% in one year.

SEO Analytics & Reporting

We create customized reports for all content marketing and SEO retainer clients. We’re experts in Google Analytics, Data Studio and more.

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SEO analytics & reporting

McCarthy Building Companies

We reported a 1,311% YOY increase in conversion rates across the site.

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Honor Bank

We increased SERP impressions by 117% YOY.

Google Tag Manager Setup

We configure tags for Google Analytics event tracking, and we also manage tags for third-party tools like your paid, social and email platforms.

We are an SEO agency with history.

When Oneupweb relocated from Alaska to Traverse City, Michigan, in 2000, we were one of the first major SEO players in northern Michigan. With more than 20 years of experience providing SEO marketing services, we know how to take care of our clients as they revamp, merge or launch websites. We also provide ongoing SEO services to keep sites at peak performance.

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