Social Media Marketing Services

The social media strategy team at Oneupweb is not about hype and frills. Posts should be timed correctly, on-trend and visually delightful. Let us help make social look effortless on all your platforms.

Whether we fully manage your accounts or provide consultation, we want you to feel confident that your social media presence is on-brand, human, unified and compelling. This is why we use data to help you form a plan and integrate it snugly with your other marketing channels.

Want to have fun with social?

Look Better, Perform Better

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If you feel like your business is more of a social caterpillar than a butterfly, one of the best ways to evolve is seeking quality social media marketing services. Plenty of companies offer these services with little experience and a lot of hype. Will they really break you out of your low-engagement cocoon, or will they waste your money writing witty posts that fall flat?

Our social media marketing services work.

See a Real-Life Example

“Honestly, the Oneupweb team is simply the most impressive digital group I’ve worked with in my career.”

Meg Roberts, President, The Lash Lounge

Social Media Marketing Agency Expertise

Campaign Concepts & Design

A focused social campaign – e.g., with campaign hashtags and maybe a custom landing page – can elevate a so-so social presence.


McCarthy Building Companies

We increased referral sessions by 59% YOY.

Day-to-Day Social Media Management

We can manage your accounts for you and regularly report on performance. An ideal complement to content marketing services!

day-to-day management

McCarthy Building Companies

Increased Instagram referral traffic by 18,507%.

day-to-day management

Molly Maid

We tracked a 40% YOY increase of social referrals to the blog.

summer flowers in garden

day-to-day management

Armstrong Garden Centers

Grew Facebook audience by 101% in just 30 days.

Social Post Copywriting

Words, words, words are important. Our in-house copywriters are great brand-voice chameleons who write for any occasion or campaign.

Hashtag Research

Oneupweb experts research trending, relevant hashtags to make your posts rank better in a given platform’s algorithm.

PPC Social Advertising

Many consider social media ads essential to reaching a wider audience. That’s why social media and paid media are a favorite service pairing at our agency. Let’s put your message in the right people’s feeds.

PPC Social advertising

Invisible Fence

We grew the Facebook fan count by 440%.

ppc social advertising

Duke Fuqua School of Business

We increased website visits by 385%.

Static Imagery & Carousels

Whether you’re using your own image library, need custom photos, or want to spruce up stock photos, we have you covered.

Social Videos, Cinemagraphs & GIFs

These snackable, fun assets are great drivers of engagement. Learn more about our video capabilities.

In-Depth Reporting

Data is so important for showing you (and your boss) what’s working and what isn’t. Plus, who doesn’t like to see improving performance metrics?


Duke Fuqua School of Business

We grew the new applicant number by 409%.

What sets Oneupweb apart?

We show you the value of the strategy, whether we’re seeing it in new leads, increased impressions or engagement metrics. Reports come monthly or quarterly, whatever you prefer. We continually refine our approaches so you can plainly explain to your internal stakeholders, “Here’s what’s happening on social, and here’s why.”

Interested to see how a partnership with Oneupweb begins?