Social Media Marketing Services

Look Better, Perform Better

If you feel like you’re more of a social caterpillar than a butterfly on your business’ social media platforms, one of the best ways to evolve is seeking out quality social media marketing services. Plenty of companies offer these services with little experience and a lot of hype. Will they really break you out of your low-engagement cocoon, or will they waste your money writing witty posts that fall flat?

The social media marketing strategy team at Oneupweb is not about hype, thrills and frills. Sure, we love to have fun on social, but amusing posts can only nudge stagnant brand awareness so far. Those posts need to be timed correctly; they need to share valuable, search-engine-optimized content and visual delights. In short, social needs to work hard and look effortless on all your platforms of choice:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • Just ask us!

Our team manages all the elements of a potent social strategy, whether we carry it out ourselves or consult with your internal team. Our driving goal is to make sure your social presence is on-brand (but humanized), unified and effective. This is why we build our social media strategies based on a deep analysis of data and integrate them snugly with your other marketing efforts.

Cool, But What Sets Oneupweb Apart?

Fair question. Many agencies that specialize in social focus on that channel only – or a few closely related ones – and farm out other work to third parties. Oneupweb is full-service, and we sit beside each other each and every day (open-office hipsters for lyfe) and let our collaborative spirit soar. This means your social efforts can be augmented with support from our talented in-house design team, video team, paid ad experts – all of us.

Finally, we show you our value, whether we’re seeing it in new leads and sales, increased impressions or engagement metrics. We report monthly or quarterly to see our effects, adjust our approach and plainly show you what’s happening in the world of social. (Hint: It’s not just cat memes.)

Ready to improve your social media marketing strategy? We’re ready to make that happen.

Core Social Media Marketing Services

  • Campaign Concepts & Design
    A focused social campaign – e.g., with branded and trending hashtags, maybe even a custom landing page – can elevate a so-so social presence and get you noticed. Let us help you conceptualize and execute your next campaign.
  • Day-to-Day Social Media Management
    Managing social media can seem easy at first glance, but if you don’t have an expert dedicated to the job, it can become overwhelming – or it falls flat. We can manage your accounts for you and regularly report on their performance. An ideal complement to content marketing services!
  • Social Post Copywriting
    Words, words, words are important. Our in-house copywriters are great brand-voice chameleons, delivering social posts for any platform, occasion or campaign.
  • Hashtag Research
    Hashtag research allows our experts to choose trending, relevant hashtags – as well as the right amount of them – to make your posts rank better in a given platform’s algorithm.
  • PPC Social Advertising
    Many consider paid ads essential to reaching a wider audience today. We’ll get your social ads in the right people’s feeds, with content tailored to each platform.
  • Static Imagery & Carousels
    Whether you’re working with your own photo library, need custom photography, or want to spruce up some stock photos, we have you covered. Our designers create social images and graphics specific to posts, including carousel ads.
  • Social Videos, Cinemagraphs & GIFs
    These snackable, fun assets are a great addition to our content marketing services. They’re typically shared alongside blog, resource or promotional content. Learn more about our video capabilities.
  • In-Depth Reporting
    You know by the end of this page how much we like to say “reporting.” But data is so, so important to show you, and us, what’s working and what isn’t – and who doesn’t like to smile over positive performance metrics?