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We’re here to make your life a little bit easier!

From daily social media monitoring to big picture strategic planning, we understand the busyness of managing a company’s digital marketing presence. To ease the chaos, we’re continuously publishing templates and downloads just for you, no strings attached.

Sitemapping 101

No question about it. You need a sitemap. A sitemap organizes the chaos of your website, creating a plan that your team can follow even if they’re in a different building or across the country. Sitemaps keep the monster of confusion at bay and in the long run, make your users happy too. To help you out, we put together two free, downloadable sitemap templates.

How to Create a Social Media Calendar

Social media marketing can feel unpredictable and overwhelming, but, like most marketing, it just requires data, strategy and forethought to be effective. Creating a social media calendar is a great first step that will motivate you to plan posts and your boosted content strategy each month, so you’re not left frantically scrambling for daily content at the last minute.

Our Most Recent Templates & Downloads

Example performance report from Data Studio shows breakdown of channel performance

Your Monthly Digital Marketing Report

A monthly digital marketing report does more than summarize performance metrics; it helps you make marketing decisions with more confidence. Are you ready to dive in?

Social media audit checklist graphic with platform icons

Get a Free Social Media Audit Checklist

Because social media changes rapidly, we recommend conducting an extensive social media audit every 18 months to two years. In the meantime, you can analyze your efforts yourself with our free social media audit checklist.

Strategic planning template title and introduction

A Marketing Plan Template to Start Your Year Right

Don’t put your annual plan off ’til the last minute. Use our digital marketing strategic planning template to prep for success. You can download it, print it and keep it handy.

Text-based graphic reads,

Chart My Click-Through Rate

You’ve seen click-through rate models, but have you wondered how accurate they really are? The fact is that no two websites are exactly alike. We developed an Excel template to help marketers chart their non-branded CTRs and quickly identify search queries that have an above-average CTR.

5 Ways to Win in a Zero-Click SERP

The data shows that less than half of Google searches result in a click. So, what does this mean to marketers and business people? Find out from our Director of SEO/Content Marketing, Freddy Hunt, as he discusses five ways to win in a zero-click SERP.

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