Digital Due Diligence

Are you planning on acquiring a business? Don’t be caught off guard by only looking at its Google Analytics report. Our team takes care of assessing the company’s digital assets (and underlying risk) so you can focus on making a good investment. 

The Internet is your storefront. Before you acquire a new business, Oneupweb works with you to take stock of the business’s existing digital assets, strategy and structure. Digital marketing due diligence takes the surprises out of an acquisition.

Prepare for the road ahead with marketing due diligence.

How Does Oneupweb Start Your Digital Due Diligence Project? 

We examine both the external and internal data of your new prospective website(s) to make sure your purchase is exactly as you intended.

External Audit: We first focus our review of the business from an external perspective. Mostly, because of its search dominance, we make sure we know what Google sees. We start with a technical site audit, site architecture analysis, accessibility review and technology stack audit.  

Internal Audit: Then we set our focus on how the business currently attracts and converts traffic on the website. This is done through a user-experience (UX) audit, content gap analysis, keyword audits and paid media audits. 

“Very knowledgeable and professional. They have helped us to identify optimization opportunities through several extensive audits. Highly recommend!”

Diana Lovshe, Brand Director, Glass Doctor

Diana Lovshe headshot corresponds with the YouTube services testimonial

Our Due Diligence Services

Technical Site Audits

We identify SEO issues and other technical factors that affect how a site is indexed and ranked by search engines.

Site Architecture Analysis

We take a look at how a site is organized; we can find out if your sitemap needs revamping or if it’s optimized for conversion.

Full UX Audit

Our UX experts become your audience, dig up issues (like accessibility) and work with you to make improvements.

Content Gap Analysis

We examine your and your competitors’ keyword rankings and identify opportunities for content and search engine optimization.

Paid Media Account Audit

Looking at all paid media accounts is another layer of effective digital marketing due diligence.

Accessibility Review

Part of due diligence is knowing how accessible a website is before you invest, as lack of compliance can lead to legal headaches. We’ll handle the accessibility review for you.

Technology Audit

We’ll look at what CRM, CMS, email platform and other technology a business is using to uncover issues with strategy, privacy or security. We’ll determine if each tool or service is the best for the job. For example, there may be disconnects between sales and marketing reporting.

There is no cookie-cutter approach.

Through conversations with your team, we can adjust our audit services to match your specific pre-purchasing questions, or to dig deeper into any digital aspect of your acquisition.
Some additional helpful digital marketing audits to consider are competitor audits and automation and lead nurture analysis. We’re happy to make suggestions and road map our process before beginning any work. 

Interested to see how a partnership with Oneupweb begins?