Usability Testing for UI & UX Design

We conduct quantitative and qualitative usability testing (aka user testing) to see how your website performs. How does it make your potential customers behave when no one is watching?

If someone tells you that user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are separate from web design, they’re doing it wrong. These key considerations are integral to any quality web design and development project, even small updates, and you shouldn’t have to wonder if your design and development partners will provide your audience with an excellent overall experience.

This is where our usability testing services come in.

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Making the Web a Wondrous Place

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The Oneupweb team’s instinct, experience and continual education allows us to follow UX best practices on every project. But we like to take our everyday research and review a step further to produce truly unmatched websites that reach the farthest.

Our usability testing services inform UX design, UI design and so much more.

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“It looks great, thanks to all of you! Can’t wait to move on to Phase 2!”

Jennifer Gregory, Director of Marketing, LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic

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Usability Testing

We’ll work with you to build a full research plan. Our usability testing reports feature the following:

  • User Experience Highlight Reel See your users clicking, scrolling and reacting. No need to wade through hours of video.
  • Journey Map – See first impressions, Net Promoter Scores (NPS), overall user emotions and more on desktop or mobile. 
  • User Path Analysis This is a visual representation of the page paths your users commonly choose, even outside a test setting.

Why we do usability testing and UX design well.

Our team has tons of experience in UX/UI design, conversion rate optimization and the usability testing we perform to guide design. They also have great instincts and do their research, combing the web for appealing interfaces that they can make even better – and the technologies that can get them there.

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Full UX Audit

Our UX experts become your audience, dig up issues (like accessibility) and work with you to make improvements.

Guerilla UX Testing

Unlike a full UX audit, this service zooms in on a small part of your site to uncover only the big picture.

Persona Strategy

Need to narrow in on exactly who your audience is? We’ll work as a team to envision data-informed personas.

Use Case Development

Use cases are three-part customer journeys you want to create, and they’re a clear jumping-off point for any marketing effort.

UI & UX Design (not a service, a way of life)

Excellent user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are part of every website we design and build.


Le Creuset

We decreased bounce rate by 72% YOY.

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Eastwood Auto Body Supply

We increased organic site traffic by 397%.

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Heatmapping allows us to see where users focus most when they navigate your site and which content is being overlooked.

UX Surveys

With customizable survey tools, we can ask your audience just what they want from your site.

Our creative, data-loving experts provide wide-ranging digital marketing services to help your brand better connect with people.

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