Traditional Marketing Services

Print isn’t dead. Traditional marketing methods play a role in consumer purchasing decisions across industries. Print, radio and TV spots can sometimes strike at the perfect time to influence your audience. Make your multichannel marketing complete – and extra powerful – by engaging with Oneupweb for traditional marketing support and more. We’re a fully integrated marketing agency.

What Is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing covers the tried-and-true marketing channels that aren’t online – and that’s a big bucket.   Mass media has played a role in people’s lives for generations and will always provide brand recognition, establish brand authority and introduce your product or service to a broad audience.

  • Print marketing
  • Direct mail marketing
  • TV advertising
  • Radio marketing
  • Event marketing
  • Product placement
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Our Traditional Marketing Services

Media Buying Services

We take the time to learn your goals and KPIs, your market, and your ideal customer profile. With your buy-in, we find the right publishers to place effective creative and messaging that will delight your audience. We do the same in-depth work whether we’re negotiating with NBC or your local radio station.

Radio Marketing

With a jingle, a soundbite or the perfect story, radio marketing works. Let’s write, produce and place your radio spot with broadcasters across the US. Radio marketing ads can also be formatted for programmatic podcast advertising and other digital applications.

Print Marketing

Our award-winning graphic design department can work magic. From concept to delivery, Oneupweb handles print assets for newspapers, magazines, industry publications, event displays and more. Effective print collateral with consistent branding is always handy to have at-the-ready.

Direct Mail Marketing

It’s not junk mail if people can’t put it down. Creative and engaging direct mail can significantly impact purchasing decisions. Great direct mail campaigns aren’t born; they’re made with research, good timing and creative ideas that engage customers visually and emotionally. Our direct mail marketing services often blend into our PPC and social media marketing efforts.

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing campaigns are offline, and digital marketing includes everything on the web or an app. But it’s not a competition; it’s a collaboration. An effective campaign can mix mass media advertising with conversion-focused digital components to reach customers at every stage of the sales funnel.

Oneupweb makes it easy to integrate both marketing strategies to ensure:

✓ Consistent branding on print and digital assets

✓ Avenues to bring non-digital users to digital assets (QR codes, links, etc.)

✓ Smart media buys for our clients, guided by market research

✓ Meaningful attribution and reporting

Why Make Us Your Traditional Advertising Agency?

Our experienced team of marketers works in dozens of industries.

We promise to be your favorite meeting of the day/week/month.

We combine traditional and digital marketing to get the results you want.

Reach your audience anywhere they make purchasing decisions. Work with a fun-loving team that delivers the goods.

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