Social Media Auditing Services

Your social media presence is often a customer’s first introduction to your business. Even if you’re posting often and being active, might run into social media problems such as:

  • Lower-than-expected audience engagement
  • Not enough time to keep up with messages and comments
  • Not knowing which industry trends are worth chasing

A social media audit from Oneupweb defines all trouble areas and shapes a data-driven strategy to overcome them. We audit social media content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and other platforms to ensure your brand is represented perfectly. This includes analyzing your competitors and defining the industry trends and best practices that are most relevant to you.

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What Is a Social Media Audit?

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Social media audits examine your social media marketing presence to evaluate what’s working and what needs work. This process is shaped by your organization’s KPIs, competitors, and social media performance data – the numbers don’t lie.

Working with Oneupweb’s dedicated social media team, you’ll get:

  • Platform-by-platform analysis of your brand compared to historical data, market competitors and industry benchmarks
  • Customer journey information about what happens when a user from social media lands on your website
  • Top-performing and underperforming post examples to shape content creation
  • Key data points, tactics, and goals for your brand moving forward

Our Approach to Social Media Audits

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Brand-First Focus

One of the most challenging aspects of effective social media marketing is balancing brand message with the tones and trends of each social media platform. The content and strategy recommendations from the audit will suit your voice and style so everything is actionable. You won’t get a report saying, “Just post more memes.”

A view of the October 2019 Condario content calendar from Oneupweb.

Putting It All Together

Social media often highlights opportunities to improve communication between sales and marketing or other teams. We’ll help you align your content creation strategy with the needs of your social media team – or help you stay organized with a dedicated content calendar.

You’ll “Like” chatting with our social media team – and the results you’ll get from it.

Social Media Auditing FAQs

Why are social media audits important?

Social media audits highlight what sort of content appeals to your audience on different platforms. The benefits of a social media audit begin with knowing how and where you’re having the biggest business impact. This informs how you create content and streamlines your workflow – optimizing your budget.

How long should a social media audit take?

This depends on how many platforms are being audited, but it may take a few weeks from initial conversations to the final presentation. Our team goes deep into the numbers to prepare a comprehensive report. We deliver your report, associated research and notes, and a presentation with your organization’s stakeholders – invite everyone you want!

How often should you perform a social media audit?

We recommend conducting a social media audit every six months to one year. You might also consider a social media audit as a part of a merger, acquisition or rebranding process to ensure consistent brand alignment.

Feel like giving it a crack yourself? Download our free social media audit template!