The FastTrack Program:
Your Marketing
Action Plan

Oneupweb’s FastTrack Program is a five-week, intensive digital marketing audit that tells you exactly what to prioritize, and how. The result is a sales and marketing strategy for growing your business immediately.

What to expect from this marketing planning service:

  • Low risk + minimal investment (we know times are unpredictable)
  • No long-term commitments or contracts (we want to be a great partner first)
  • Cancel before the 14th day for a full refund (we’re confident this will help)

The decision to work with a marketing agency can be filled with both excitement and anxiety. We often hear, “Am I working with the right partner?” “Are we working on the right things?”

The Oneupweb FastTrack Program is an opportunity to know, with full clarity, what your team should do first. We want to make your important decisions easier and less risky.

Tell me about the FastTrack Program

This program dissects your digital potential and provides you with a roadmap to meet your goals. If you don’t like how we work or even how we look, cancel within the first two weeks for a full refund.

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How Does the FastTrack Program Work?

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Each week we focus on a specific inbound marketing strategy (outlined below) to uncover untapped ideas and practices for improving business outcomes. Our process includes audits, discovery meetings and insights from our experienced staff to help you succeed.

At the end of this five-week program, you’ll have a concise sales and marketing action plan with content and tactics to use immediately. We can take it from there, or you can do it, or you can bring it to someone else.

It’s all up to you.

Our FastTrack Digital Marketing Audit Process

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Week 1.
SEO Site Audit

We start with a foundational site audit to find technical, architectural and content-related issues your website might have incurred during original design, development and content creation. The goal is to ensure that search engines are finding and indexing your pages so you can be visible in search results for relevant queries. This audit prioritizes SEO recommendations based on urgency, arming you with a strategy for getting more, better qualified organic traffic to your website.

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Week 2.
Customer Journey Audit

Next up is a top-to-bottom customer journey performance review based on what your team is currently creating. We ask you to join us in a discovery call for this part of our marketing planning services. For each stage of your sales funnel, we ask, what are you currently working on, what are the goals, and how confident are you in getting positive results? The result of this stage is a checklist for addressing weak points in your current inbound marketing strategy.

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Week 3.
Content Marketing Audit

In this phase, we concentrate on the fuel of digital growth: content. We perform a content marketing audit to evaluate your top digital marketing channels in terms of website traffic and website leads/sales. The rest of the audit is hyper-focused on organic search. We identify content gaps by comparing your keyword profile to that of your closest competitor. In other words, we look for keywords that your competitors are ranking for, but you are not. The content marketing audit is summarized with a content strategy that will effectively close the content gaps identified.

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Week 4.
Paid Media Audit

The paid media audit examines setup and performance of your current active accounts (Google Ads, Bing Ads, social media, and programmatic). We then give best practice recommendations or, if needed, create an entirely new paid media strategy built around industry and product keywords and audience research. The audit will provide you with real-time audience, conversion and budget strategies for your ad campaigns.

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Week 5.
The Plan

We comprehensively review all audits and recommendations with you, then deliver a powerful sales and marketing action plan. This plan prioritizes strategies in a clear-cut hit list, with responsibilities, KPIs and timetable clearly spelled out. We then assign ourselves the first 10hrs of approved work to assure, as a team, we move from strategy to real action immediately. Further proof that this marketing program is so much more than lip-service — we hit the ground running right alongside your team.

How Do I Know if the FastTrack Program Is the Best Place to Start?

The FastTrack Program is the best place to start if you can relate to any of the following statements:

I know inbound marketing can help me drive more traffic, increase quality leads, and close sales faster, and I want to do it right. 

I want to see a lot of value for a modest investment in my business.

Instead of jumping into a long-term commitment with a new agency, I want to know that we will work well with each other.

I need to make progress now – I can’t afford to wait.

What the FastTrack Program Is Not

This program isn’t a hack, a quick fix or the end-all to your marketing problems. Instead, it’s a rifle shot – built to provide your team with a clear, realistic plan. Because knowing the right place to start reduces the time it takes to see results and ROI.

How Much Does It Cost?

The FastTrack Program costs $5,700. We’ve worked hard to develop a program that we believe delivers a ton of value for a reasonable price. Having an inbound marketing strategy is the best offense in what continues to be the most competitive business landscape the world has ever seen.

While many clients find the FastTrack Program as a starting point to a long relationship with Oneupweb, we understand that trust has to be earned. We also appreciate that priorities shift and that every business has different needs. So during the first two weeks, if you find for any reason that the program does not deliver what you need, you can cancel for a full refund.

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Let’s Talk

After submission, a member of our team will reach out to you to schedule a quick phone call to discuss the FastTrack product in detail and answer your questions before starting.