Empty Home?
We’ll Pay You for It

Here’s the deal: We’re Oneupweb, a marketing agency partnering with national, regional and local brands. We create content for these business’s social media channels, video advertisements, websites and more. The beautiful homes throughout northern Michigan are the perfect backdrop for this awesome content, and we’re always looking for properties where we can work our magic.

What We Create

Types of Properties We Love

We do photo and video shoots at short-term rental properties and empty seasonal homes. So whether you run an Airbnb, you’re a caretaker, or you have a personal vacation home that you don’t visit often, this is an excellent opportunity! The homes we utilize are diverse in décor and style, but the ultimate look we’re searching for is modern, clean, “Pottery Barn chic.”

Benefits of Working with Oneupweb

  • Support a local Traverse City business.
  • Avoid Airbnb fees or other fees by getting direct payments.
  • Get easy money on days you can’t book with travelers.
  • Receive potential referral incentives for sending other property owners our way.
  • Arrange for us to take professional photos of your listing while we’re onsite.
  • Get peace of mind with a thorough legal agreement. (Learn more below.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Compensation starts at $200 and goes up from there. This can be higher for longer video shoots with high production value.

We pay one person or organization only, by check. That person is usually a property manager, a caretaker or the actual homeowner. That person may split the payment on their own with other parties.

We are usually on site for one business day, 5-8 hours. On occasion, we have rented homes for one or two full days.

Often, we only need to use a home once. However, it isn’t uncommon for us to use a home two or three times for different purposes. Ultimately, it’s up to the homeowner!

We shoot on weekdays and usually book during the host’s off days, and between renters, so it is a win/win for both parties!

We will never tell you to leave your own property. However, we do like to have some privacy to let the creative (sometimes very weird) process flow. In most situations, we simply use a door keypad/keybox to get in, and we lock up when we leave.

We typically stay within one hour (driving) of Traverse City, which means the 5-county area in northern lower Michigan is fair game. If we have a very specific shot to get, we may travel farther.

we follow CDC COVID-19 guidelines while on set and bring our own sanitation supplies. View our COVID-19 safety protocol here.

Our location release form, which both parties sign, makes Oneupweb liable to cover any damages we cause. In our years of experience, there have been very, very few accidents. We respect and care for the homes we enter, leaving them cleaner than when we arrived.

No. By nature, our photos and videos need to be somewhat non-personalized so they appeal to a wide audience. We won’t show your family photos or identifying belongings – unless they happen to be blurred in the background.

Let’s Work Together

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