COVID-19 Video Production Safety Protocol



  • Scouting should be performed virtually or rely on existing site photographs where possible.
  • Locations must have enough space to allow for physical distancing for all cast and crew holding and common areas and other work areas.
  • Outdoor or large open indoor spaces are inherently safer, and thus preferable, by virtue of the greater capacity to achieve physical distancing and/or ventilation. Small closed indoor spaces without proper ventilation should not be used.
  • Locations, including the bathroom(s) provided, must be sanitized prior to and after filming. This task will be completed by either an OUW crewmember or the property owner. An extra sanitation/cleaning fee may be necessary.
  • Location rental or access time must allow for the extra time needed for sanitation and disinfection of all surfaces.
  • Location owner will be informed of the number of cast and crew and the general use of their space that is required.


  • Sanitation/disinfectant materials and cloth safety masks should be included in list of props needed for every shoot.
  • Props, especially those non-newly purchased, should be sanitized before use and between uses by multiple people.


  • All talent and crew should be briefed on safety protocol prior to arriving on set.
  • Talent and contracted crew members must sign a waiver that indicates that they have been briefed on and accept Oneupweb’s safety protocol.
  • New/clean masks will be provided by OUW for both talent and crewmembers.


  • If transportation is needed between filming sites, individuals should travel in their own vehicles to maintain social distancing.
  • Only essential cast and crew should be on or near the set at any time and physical distancing must be maintained.
  • All off-camera staff must wear facial covering.
  • Hands-on assistance with wardrobe, hair and makeup should be limited only to cast that require it and cannot do it themselves, and when necessary, latex gloves should be worn.
  • Actors and crew must wash or sanitize hands before any hands-on styling or costume session and wear cloth face coverings during sessions as much as possible.
  • The date, time and crew in the session should be recorded for later reference, in case either the member or wardrobe/hair crew become ill with COVID-19.

What If I Have Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at Please include “COVID-19 Video Safety Protocol” in the subject line of your email message.