Our Search Engine Land Awards Project Rocks

No more sitting on the sidelines. We’ve watched the Search Engine Land Awards pass us by for a few years, but this year feels different. With our CEO Fernando’s blessing, Oneupweb is going after the award for “Best B2B Search Marketing Initiative – SEO.”

Here’s how we’re going to win.

1. Assemble a winning team.

We put together a crack team of Oneupweb’s finest … who had some free time to help with the application. Many people in the company have played a role, but these folks were in the mix day in and day out.

Dave Doran, Director of Strategy

More than a decade at the helm of the SS Strategy at Oneupweb. Loves Bluey.

David Kehrer, Director of Design

You should see this guy use MS Paint!

Stephanie Miller, Senior Content Marketing and SEO Manager

Department lead and EO pro. She made all the stuff in the presentation make sense.

Cody Sovis, Content Marketing and SEO Manager

The in-house B2B expert and Tilley Distrubtion pro. He wrote the stuff.

Bill Serrano, Account Manager

Chimed in with positive affirmations on Slack a few times.

2. Pick a killer success story.

We knew right away that our work for Tilley Distribution could win a B2B marketing award. We’d already published our rebranding case study for Tilley – why not show the world what else we’ve accomplished with this client’s wonderful team? We wrangled the data and got to writing. Some of the biggest wins that resulted from the project included:

  • Organic sessions increased 119.32% YoY.
  • PDF downloads from organic sessions increased 124% YoY.
  • Calls from organic sessions increased 111.76% YoY.
  • By sessions, 5 of the all-time top 10 organic landing pages were written in 2022.
  • Non-branded organic Google SERP clicks increased 312% YoY.
  • Total ranking organic keyword count increased 24% YoY.
organic sessions increased 119.32% year over year
total organic keyword count increased 24% year over year
non branded organic google serp clicks increased 312% year over year
calls from organic sessions increased 111.76% year over year
pdf downloads from organic sessions increased 124% year over year

3. Submit our entry.

We have to assume Search Engine Land is going to love it. Since hitting “Send,” we’ve put the champagne on ice and stocked up on crackers and soft cheeses for our victory party. The only annoying this is, we hit the early application deadline, so we might have to get more cheese later.

Make sure you keep tabs on the Search Engine Awards selection process over the next few months. We can’t wait to show you our work, but until then, see what other B2B marketing we’ve been up to.

Who Are These Guys?

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