State of Digital Marketing
in Vacationland

Traverse City, Michigan

Businesses in tourist hotspots like Traverse City, Michigan have three chances a year to make it or break it: June, July and August. In this report we get inside the head of a typical tourist and detail how technology influences the entire vacation experience – from finding and booking a hotel to deciding on an Instagram-worthy winery.

While picturesque Traverse City is the focus of this study, the digital marketing landscape is the same for all vacation destinations. You’ll also learn which digital marketing strategies local businesses need to deploy to win the attention of tourists during all stages of their vacation experience.

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Digital Marketing for Tourist Businesses

This report is packed with actionable marketing tips and strategies for local businesses that rely on seasonal traffic. If you need help putting them into practice or want to talk about unique challenges your business is facing, we’re here to help. Fill out the form above, download the report and we’ll set up time to talk.

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